We’re Still Recovering From NBC’s The Voice Drag Finale!

We so wanted to see Chris Weaver go all the way in this season of NBC's The Voice, but unfortunately he was voted off before the ultimate prize was achieved.  We noticed Chris from the beginning ('The Voice' Goes Very LGBTQ On First Night Of New Season And We Loved It!) not because he was clearly family, but becaue of his talent.  We were able to catch up with him and learn more about this amazing competitor, singer, human being (Instinct Interviews Chris Weaver & Esera Tuaolo – The Voice's Out Contestants This Season).

We were sad to see him go, but oh WHAT A RETURN!  He returned as Chris Weaver and Stephanie’s Child to perform "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).” Stephanie’s Child members Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo, and Rosé helped make the performance one to remember … and then came on “Bang Bang” singer Jessie J. 

Let's have you judge for yourself.  Here is Nedra Belle / Chris Weaver.  May we see more of both of you in the future.




This may not be such a big thing for those of us that have seen drag many a times over, but for NBC to give the stage of one of their biggest finale episodes of the year to a drag performer, it felt like a sea of acceptance washing over us.  Diversity is such a great thing.  Thanks for embracing us and it.

What do you think?