West End Gives Us A New Rocky Horror (Pitcure Show). Oh Dominic!

Friends of mine know just about every line and alternate.  I on the other hand, know most of the songs and plot, but focus more on Brad (Barry Bostwick), Janet (Susan Sarandon), and Tim Curry's character.  Yeah, I'm a fan of the Rock Horror Picture Show, but I never really soaked it all in and never really knew all of the cast members and who they played.  Oh yeah, there's Meat Loaf's character as well, but I never cared for his part in the movie.  Besides the big three, there is one more that always gets my attention, Rocky. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has had many live incarnations across the globe and the most recent one started this month in London's West End.  It seems the cast member getting most coverage is Rock Horror, played by Dominic Andersen. 

I'd like to thank Gay Times for bringing Dominic to our attention.  Here are some shots from their site and Dominic's Instagram account.  Enjoy! 





We wish you all the best Dominic.  Let us know when you are back in the states.


Rocky Horror remains at London’s Playhouse Theatre until 26 September before hitting the road with Brad and Janet beginning 18 December. Ticket information can be found here.

The show will celebrate a special gala performance – with featured special guests including Stephen Fry and Emma Bunton – on 17 September. The event will be screened live to cinemas on the same evening. Ticket information for the gala and screenings can be found here. – gaytimes.co.uk

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