What Gay Icon Will Hugh Hefner Be Laid to Rest Next to?

We lost another big celebrity this week, as Hugh Hefner passed away at 91 years old.  Already, there has been a ton of stories coming out of the woodworks about Hef's pro-gay stance on many things, such as including a book by author Charles Beaumont called "The Crooked Man" which takes place where heterosexuals were persecuted by homosexuals.  This was back in 1955, where being out was practically unheard of, but that's just how advanced Hugh was with sexuality on both sides of the coin.

Now its been revealed who he will be laid next to for the rest of eternity, and this particular starlet helped make Hugh into the man he truly became.  This is Marilyn Monroe, who he bought a crypt to right next to her in Los Angeles' Westwood Village Memorial Park.

Marilyn was on the cover of the first ever edition of Playboy back in 1953, which paved the way for thousands of other known and unknown women to bare all in one of the most proific magazines of our time.  It's fitting that he would choose to go right next to her, given that she definitely helped give him his big break in the industry for the next sixty plus years.

What do you think about this "eternal" pairing? 

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