What made the condom fly across the room? Mr Gay New Zealand did.

New Zealand Aids Foundation took a page from Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast ads to promote safe sex.  They used Mr Gay New Zealand Matt Fistonich (nickname Fisty?) as the Bieber-like shirtless boy and taking place of Justin's eggs?  Water filled condoms.  

LYC apparently stands for Love Your Condoms, the slogan the New Zealand Aids Foundation has chosen for their safe sex campaign.  Their website (http://www.loveyourcondom.co.nz/) goes into a lot more than just wearing condoms, but as well includes some visuals of what we do in the bedroom.  Well, I don't think we have NZ condoms over here, but we do love your ads.  Here's the video with Fistonich followed by a couple other short NZ clips.

What's the most creative American condom ad you can remember?  What about ads promoting safe sex?  All I can think of is "Trojan Mannnn!" and those weren't that creative. 











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