What You Wish You Could Say at the Gym

Getting to the gym is hard enough, may it be due to a busy schedule, weather, illness, or other occurrences.  We battle to get there so when it comes to battles inside the gym, most of us give up and deal the best we can.

The gym at my last institution (I work in higher education) was great.  It was within a 3 minute walk of my office and was usually pretty empty during lunch.  Plenty of treadmills and ellipticals as well as free weights and floor space.  Everything was at my grasp to use except for one of my favorite machines, the cross cables.  Let me correct myself, 1/2 of the cross cables always seemed taken.  People, don't you know that your triceps can be worked out on the single cable over there?  And when I say over there, it's attached to the other side of the cross cable tower!  But no, by using 1/2 of the cross cables you inconvenience others.  Sometimes I wish a gym would post that the cross cables were designed to be used together and there are other single cable machines in the gym.  That's my biggest gym issue.

Of course the person using part of the cross cables was also the one using three different areas of the gym at the same time and usually included the cross cables.  Since there weren't too many people in the gym, I didn't mind swapping around my routine to avoid the areas being used and did not make it an issue, but I am sure if the gym was busy, I would not been able to do so. 

Take a peek at this BuzzFeed video titled "What You Wish You Could Say at the Gym."  It brings up grunting, crotch flashing, sweatty mats, and after the credits, lounging on the machines. 

What messes up your gym time?  What gets your goat that people do or don't do at the gym?


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  1. Music!!! I hate the fact they

    Music!!! I hate the fact they impose their choice of music when I prefer none and most have their ear buds in!


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