When The Current Situation Is Calling For Less Back Pocket Contact, Let The Eye Candy Flow

With recent “you can’t touch this” warning from doctors (covered in Put Your Tongues Away & Let Hands Play), those fine two lobes of man flesh that many of us enjoy spending time with seem a little out of reach.  What is a thirsty man to do when it comes to wanting to enjoy someone else’s cake and eat it, too. 

Yes, we can download some health porn, but why not stick your thumb deep into an Instagram account or two.  Swipe up, down, left right,  which ever direction makes you happy.  

We spent some time looking at a butt-load of Instagram accounts to find some worthy of your time.  There are many out there dedicated to the love of a man’s ass, but their dedication doesn’t run deep.  So many have just a small collection, like 13, 38, and one had just 69 posts. Not sure if that person is keeping the number of posts at 69 for some reason, but anyway.  There were some quality collections of rears presenting themselves to us just how we like it, but we wanted to see the accounts that showed their love in a multitude of posts. 

So, start getting your Follow Finger ready or fingers or hand, we’re not sure what y’all are into.  Here are some of the more plentiful ass accounts that we men can enjoy. We’re including a 9-block of photos from each account to wet your, um, yeah. We’ve placed some peaches over the expose naughty bits, making them sometimes more tantalizing, but also a little more safe to show on here. Feel free to click on any account mentioned as they are hyperlinked to their Instagram. And definitely mention some other accounts you find worth while in our comment section or tag us on Insta in one of their posts. Share the wealth, thirsty men. 


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