Where Does Your Town Land Among The Friskiest Cities?

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As we emerge from the isolation of the pandemic, freshly vaccinated and eager to enjoy the warmer weather, it’s easy to see why folks might be thirsty for human touch.

Let’s face it, there are some horny folks out there ready to mingle.


Well, the folks at Lawnstarter decided to rank the 200 largest U.S. cities from horniest to least horny based on an overall score averaged across several weighted metrics.

Among those key metrics were: Google searches for Adult Entertainment, access to live Adult Entertainment venues, access to Adult Stores and sex toy sales, sex partner potential, and ‘unprotected sexual activity’ measured by STDs per 100,000 residents.

Where does your city fall on this spicy list?

It may not come as a surprise that Paradise, Nevada, comes in at the top of the list. Paradise is actually the unincorporated town where the most well-known part of ‘Sin City,’ the Las Vegas Strip, lies.


With more sex shops and adult entertainment venues than any other place in the U.S., it’s no wonder Paradise scores the number one spot.

Coming in just behind in the number two and three spots are Orange, California, and Hollywood, Florida. Both clearly have lots of opportunities to enjoy sunshine, sand, bare skin and sweat.

Providence, Rhode Island, scores high in fourth place thanks to ranking #1 in sex toy sales. The number crunchers also note that Providence is a gay mecca, so factor that as you wish.

Top 10 Horniest Cities:
1 Paradise, NV
2 Orange, CA
3 Hollywood, FL
4 Providence, RI
5 Atlanta, GA
6 Fort Lauderdale, FL
7 Newark, NJ
8 Dayton, OH
9 Tempe, AZ
10 Baltimore, MD

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On the other end of the spectrum, 7 of the 10 least horny cities are in Texas. That includes Plano at #194, Frisco at a not-so-frisky #199, and Midland at – drumroll please – #200.

The stats peeps believe politics might have something to do with the low rankings. They point to Match.com’s recent Singles in America report which indicated 76% of singles need their partner to share their political views. Considering the Lone Star state saw its battleground politics roiling last year, maybe a lot of folks wanted to chill with Netflix alone.

Jackson, Mississippi, which came in 150th overall, garnered the dubious distinction of contracting the most STDs (stats via Innerbody). In fact, 17 of the Top 25 on that list are southern cities.


Bottom 10 Least Horny Cities:
191 Omaha, NE
192 McKinney, TX
193 Naperville, IL
194 Plano, TX
195 Brownsville, TX
196 Laredo, TX
197 Amarillo, TX
198 Cape Coral, FL
199 Frisco, TX
200 Midland, TX

A few more stats from the survey:

• Most likely to engage in casual sex during the pandemic? Bisexuals with 65% raising their hands

• Nearly 57% of respondents say they plan to have more sex after getting vaccinated


• Almost 46% of respondents say they are comfortable hooking up today versus 15% who are not; 40% said they don’t plan to hook up

• 13.9% said they didn’t have any sex during the pandemic, 58% had only one sexual partner, and 35% overall admitted to engaging in casual sex

Click over to Lawnstarter for the complete breakdown of the survey and rankings.

And remember to celebrate National Sex Day on June 9!

(source: Lawnstarter)

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