Which Studs Did We Search For The Most Over The Past Decade?

Screen shot from MrMan.com

Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill were two of the many A-list hunks we searched for the most over the past decade.

Mr. Man just compiled a list of the men we couldn’t get enough of on the internet while also picking up on the different guys we searched for as the years progressed.

Credit: Mr. Man

Perhaps some of the men’s popularity changed with time but each of them had their own moment in the sun just based on their sheer hotness.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum dominated the searches in the early 2010’s while Nick Jonas and Zac Efron led the way in the years to come. 

Credit: Mr. Man

Others we’ve seen flow in and out of the rankings include Mr. “Big D**k Energy” Pete Davidson, Shame star Michael Fassbender who put his big ole swing a ding ding on display for the world to see in that movie and at least one guy repping the LGBTQ community… Colton Haynes.

Some of these men, like Fassbender, have piqued our interest on the big screen by leaving little or nothing to the imagination for us to gawk at. James Franco, for instance, went all the way with another guy in the 2016 movie King Cobra where he was pounded hard by co-star Keegan Allen

Credit: Mr. Man

Meanwhile Efron’s popularity remains at an all-time high as he’s currently the most searched for star on Mr. Man in January 2021. His shift from adorable twink to buffed up Baywatch babe to chiseled daddy has been very fun to watch as his career continues to blossom. 

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