Who Are The 10 Best Plus Size Queens from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’?

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Plus size queens only enhance how fabulous RuPaul’s Drag Race has been over the past decade.

There have only been a handful out of the 100+ that have made their walk into the werk room, however several have had such a memorable presence on the show that they still remain many of our favorites all this time later.

Which plus size queens get our votes for being the best of the best from the most amazing reality competition program ever?

Check out my picks for the 10 greatest plus size queens from RPDR… henny.


10: Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Season 7

Jaidynn had an infectious and fun personality in a season that was less than memorable. S7 was filled with a bunch of serious girls with little to no personality (P E A R L) and it would’ve been nice to see someone like Jaidynn, who actually had one, go the distance over other queens who were straight up boring during their entire existence on the show.


9: Stacy Layne Matthews, Season 3 

The original henny. Stacy was such an underdog her season that no one took her seriously as a competitor. Then she did Snatch Game and shifted the opinion of several of the other queens due to how great her performance was. I’m not one for them doing another All Stars season for a while but I hope she’s part of the next group when the spinoff returns as there’s a generation of viewers who need to be immersed in all that she has to give.


8: Delta Work, Season 3

She’s an Emmy winner darling! Delta was the first plus size queen to not make it about her weight on the show. She really made the focus about her talent, which she has plenty of, and was able to knock out two major contenders (Phoenix and Mariah) early on due to her fab lip syncing abilities outside of how well she did in the challenges.


7: Darienne Lake, Season 6

Darienne’s humor propelled her in several challenges, notable the movie one in episode 3 and Snatch Game as Paula Deen. And, contrary to popular opinion, she slayed BenDeLaCreme in both lip syncing challenges and earned her spot in the top 4 because of that and more.


6: Nina West, Season 11 

Should’ve been in the top 4 over Silky Ganache. I’m still mad at the edit she got because Nina represents a lot of what makes drag so great, both on and off the show. Such a lovely person with a heartwarming backstory that was fun to watch from beginning to end. 


5: Roxxxy Andrews, Season 5 and All Stars 2. 

Roxxxy was fabulous in S5 and became one of the first pageant queens to excel in more than just her runways lewks. She was really funny in so many challenges that it helped strengthen her final 3 placement against Jinkx Monsoon and Alaska. AS2 was a bit rough for her but she still commended the stage with her fashions and had a funny moment or two along the way.


4: Kim Chi, Season 8

Take Bob the Drag Queen out of S8 and Kim would’ve been the winner. Her fashions were so much fun to watch and she had such a lovable and fun personality the entire time on the show that could’ve given her the win had the momentum not been focused so much on Bob.


3: Eureka, Seasons 9 and 10

Eureka was and is a polarizing queen, but that’s not a bad thing. She only enhanced both of her seasons with her big personality that had a IDGAF attitude immersed within it. I still wonder how far she would’ve made it in S9 if that stupid cheerleading challenge didn’t happen. Still she came back and destroyed the completion in S10 and gave eventual winner Aquaria a big run for her money in the end.


2: Ginger Minj, Season 7 and All Stars 2

Ginger was robbed in S7 and should’ve been our first big girl winner. I get why Violet Chachki won but Ginger’s overall being is why we LOVE drag so much. That classic look with an edgy personality helped get her far and should’ve earned her the crown in the end. She’s still my S7 winner all this time later.


1: Latrice Royale, Season 4, All Stars 1 and 4

I mean, come on. Could there be anyone else? The Oprah Winfrey of drag that is so beloved and rightfully so. Just a lovable and hilarious queen that we all wanted to hug and watch every second of when she was on the DR stage.

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