Tomi Lahren Helps Girl Come Out To Family

The Political Commentator Assists In Helping Young Girl Come Out To Conservative Parents

Chances are if you’re a social media aficionado you know who Tomi Lahren is. Lahren became viral famous ahead of the 2016 presidential election when she began posted YouTube videos stating her mostly not-so-popular political beliefs with aggressive undertones. Basically, she’s the pretty, blonde version of Judge Jeanine Pirro. Lahren has gotten on a lot of people’s nerves over the years, whether it be the social justice warriors, the general public yelling at her in public, or getting into arguments with Kathy Griffin… she’s managed to stay in the spotlight for the last few years. While some may find her polarizing, that doesn’t mean she isn’t irrelevant enough not to have a handful of fans and followers. This time, Lahren is using her voice to help not divide.

You may not be familiar with an App called Cameo. Simply put, you pay for a celebrity to give you or someone you know a personalized shout out. Surprisingly, there are actually a handful of legit stars you can book on the App, but it’s mainly reality stars and people who you could easily connect with on social media. Still, I’ve seen a handful of people use the service – a colleague of mine randomly had RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Tammie Brown give a shout out after someone graduated college. According to BarStool Sports, this is how Lahren helped a young woman come out to her Republican family.

In a tweet, Claudia Pharr tells that she purchased a video of Lahren from Cameo to come out to her conservative parents. In the video, Lahren talks directly to Pharr’s parents, stating their daughter is a conservative and wants to “keep America great” but wants to come out as a lesbian with her help. Lahren tells that as conservatives, they believe in limited government and other than that, don’t care what people do. Lahren wishes that they continue to love their daughter just the same and be supportive of her. According to Pharr, her parents received the news with open arms and they all blushed at Lahren speaking to them. Check out the video below:

So, this is one Lahren story that ends on a happy ending. Do you think this generous act kind of makes up for her past offensive commentary?

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H/T: Barstool Sports

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