‘Will and Grace’ Already Renewed for a Second Season, Honey!

What's going on, what's all this about a second season of 'Will & Grace' even before the first season premieres, honey?  You heard right: the revival of one of our favorite shows ever has already been renewed for a second season, per the announcement that NBC made today!

Per The Hollywood Reporter, NBC announced Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that the revival has already been renewed for a second season ahead of the show's highly anticipated return.

They are also in the process of trying to find a streaming home for the old episodes of Will & Grace, which would be perfect for the younger generation who didn't grow up with this show to really understand just how hysterical and groundbreaking it really was and is.  

They have also ordered four more episodes for season one, bringing its grand total to 16.  Yay! The gang over at W&G has done a tremendous job over the past year at building the awareness of its return, from small pebbles of some of the stars tweeting Will & Grace's apartment with them in it, to doing a reunion video as a way to promote Hillary Clinton for President, to then finally revealing that the revival is happening.  

With the show ending right before social media became big, it's going to be absolutely hilarious to see what hashtags come out of this show again and hopefully bring us back to why we fell in love with these four characters in the first place.  And Rosario, too.  


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