Woman Arrested For Threatening Violence At Buffalo Pride Festival

A woman in Buffalo, New York, was arrested early Sunday morning after threatening violence at the Buffalo Pride Festival held Sunday.

The Buffalo Police Department told local news affiliate WIVB they received tips regarding Facebook messages posted by 40-year-old Rosalyn Colligan, who threatened to stab, shoot, and rape pride festival attendees.

One person was targeted by name in the posts.

The police responded quickly to the threats and underscored how “see something, say something” can stop violence beforehand.

“When members of the public are seeing these posts, they are quick to report them to law enforcement, and law enforcement is quick to react,” said Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo. “That’s how we make our community safer.”

Thanks to the quick response by citizens and police, the parade went off without an incident.

Colligan was arrested for making a terroristic threat which is a felony, and the violent posts on Facebook have since been removed.

Watch the report from WIVB below:



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