Yanni Burton Asserts His Independence & Moves On With His New Single “A Part Of Me”

Just in time for Independence Day, Yanni Burton is taking back his own freedom with the release of his latest single “A Part Of Me”. The single is not just the latest release from the Australian born/Julliard trained pop star, but it serves as the catapult for Burton to walk away from past relationships. “I have a history of getting lost in memories and emotions,” Yanni admits. “To the point where I become consumed with panic, anxiety and I can’t function properly or move on with my life.” Burton goes on to say “as heavy as the lyrics may seem, I still want listeners to have fun, dance a little and let loose,” he explains. “I hope to inspire a sense of celebration that comes with gaining freedom from the mistakes of our past.”

Photo Courtesy of Yanni Burton

Produced by Yanni with close friend Tiger Darrow, the song contains a dream-esque vibe and a haunting structure and is definitely darker and more emotionally intense than his previous singles. However, it still contains the pop/dance feel that Burton has become known so well for. 


The video for “A Part Of Me” is a neon filled kaleidoscope that was filmed by Brian Thomas and famed dancer/choreographer Cassidy Noblett (who has toured the world with everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga among others). The music video for “A Part of Me” depicts the madness and dream like world Yanni sings about in the song. Shot entirely in a black box with UV lights, Buton says of the video  that “the idea was to turn off the lights and to expose the marks left behind from previous relationships; marks that you cannot physically see but the illusions and fantasies that still linger in the mind.”

Photo Courtesy of Yanni Burton

Yanni Burton’s “A Part of Me” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms. Visit https://www.yanniburton.com and follow him on Instagram @yburton

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