Man Admits To Slitting His Lover's Throat During Sex And Stealing From His Dead Body

A man in India has confessed to both stabbing his lover while they had sex and stealing from the dead body.

21-year-old Amaan Gopal Kavitiya in Colva, India has confessed to killing his 53-year-old lover Baptisto D’Costa.

Police say that D’Costa, who had a wife, met Kavitiya back in October. Kavitiya became closely acquainted with D’Costa and two of his employees. They would often go out for dinner and drinks.

Despite his wife, D’Costa later started a sexual relationship with Kavitiya (and one other man in the group).

“The deceased would call Kavitiya frequently and invite him over,” the police chief to Time of India.

“While initially the deceased would pay, it was when Kavitiya borrowed money from D’Costa, that his demands grew.

“Exasperated, he devised a plan to rid of him,” Gawas added.

This past Saturday, the two met at a church before heading to Betalbatim beach.

"After a round or two of drinks, the deceased indulged in sexual activities.”

“Finding D’Costa in a vulnerable position, Kavitiya took out a knife and slit D’Costa’s throat and stabbed him in the neck.

“He died instantly.”

After that, Kavitiya stole Rs 10,000 (about $157.40) and gold items from D’Costa’s body.

As you might imagine, Kavitiya didn’t get far and was soon brought in by police for investigation. While he initially said that he had nothing to do with D’Costa’s death, Kavitiya later relented and confessed.

“It was only when we confronted him with all evidence that pointed to his presence at the spot of the crime at the time of the incident that he admitted to having committed the murder,” Gawas said.

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Chinese-Italian Man Was Murdered By His Boyfriend And Stuffed In A Suitcase

A Chinese man, 20, was allegedly murdered in his Italian apartment by his ex-boyfriend and four others.

Hu Congliang, who was known as Leo, was murdered by his 17-year-old boyfriend and the boyfriend’s friends.

Supposedly, the boyfriend tried to break up with Hu and Hu then threatened to leak naked photos of the boyfriend. That’s the alleged motive for the boyfriend and his friends murdering Hu in his Modena, Italy home.

“From what we understand so far, the punitive mission was prompted by the photographs,” deputy police chief Marcello Castello told the media.

“All five say they don’t speak Italian, which we don’t believe. They are all underage and have been utterly impassive. Just like their parents, who have been completely uncooperative.”

The police investigation has come up with the theory that the five came into the apartment and smothered Hu with a pillow in his sleep. They then stuffed the dead body into a suitcase. The five then said their goodbyes to Hu’s unsuspecting mother before leaving the apartment.

Hu’s mother, who was told by the boys that Hu had left the apartment earlier, later found the body because the suitcase was in a different spot than usual.

Despite their unwillingness to cooperate, all five minors are being questioned by police.

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Adult Film Star Ali Liam Arrested For The Murder Of His Boyfriend

We have an update on the death of Kieth Harris, a California man who was found stabbed in his San Francisco apartment.

Harris had a boyfriend who works under the porn stage name Ali Liam, but who’s real name is Othman Al-Muttalaby (earlier, we were mistaken in saying it was Alkoraishie Ali based off of his Facebook account).

Said boyfriend mysteriously disappeared and was unreachable by friends after the murder.

Now the sheriff’s department has announced that Al-Muttalaby was arrested at 3:30 p.m. on Tusday night November 7.

Plus, Str8UpGayPorn reports (Link NSFW) that he’s currently in the jail ward at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Supposedly, he’s being treated for an injury but information towards what happened hasn't been given.

In addition, it seems one friend of his was able to get in touch with Al-Muttalaby. Vivien Habeeb told the Bay Area Reporter that she heard from the man the day that he was arrested.

“He called me from a hospital, and I was told by his social worker that police were questioning him right after he was out of some surgery,” said Habeeb, who lives in Davis, California. She declined to share more information, indicating that she was waiting for permission from police.”

This is a developing story. We’ll keep you updating as more information comes in.

A Gay Porn Star Went Missing After His Boyfriend Was Found Dead

A man was recently found dead in his apartment and his boyfriend, who happens to be a gay porn star, has gone missing.

This past Thursday, November 2, California man Keith Harris was found dead in his home in Hayes Vally, San Francisco. He was 48-years-old.

Paul Novales, the manager of the apartment where Harris lived, was the one to find Harris’s body.

Novales told the Bay Ara Reporter that he hadn’t seen Harris in sometime and went to check up on him. After continually knocking to no response, Novales entered the apartment.

What he found was “big drops” of blood “on the floor and smears of blood on the wall and the door going to the bathroom.” He then left to call the police.

So far, no more information has been released besides the fact that a knife was the weapon and Harris died of “stab wounds.”

To add to the mystery of the situation, Keith Harris’s boyfriend, Alkoraishie Ali, has not been seen since Harris’ body was found.

NSFW website Str8UpGayPorn has identified the man in his early twenties to be gay porn star and gogo dancer Ali Liam who’s appeared on sites like and Pride Studios.

Gus Bean, a party promoter who also knew the two as a friend says that neither he or anyone else he knows has been able to reach Ali. On top of that, he is shocked by the news of what’s happened to Harris.

They seemed like a perfectly happy couple,” Bean told the B.A.R. “Keith’s an absolute sweetheart, the sweetest guy ever.”

Keep in mind that Alkoraishie Ali has not been named as a suspect by the police yet, but family and friends of Keith Harris are commenting on Ali’s Facebook posts and calling him a murderer.

We will keep you informed if there are any updates.

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Judge's Insensitive HIV+ Comment Could Undo Murder Suspect's Conviction

A judge from California started trouble after insulting an HIV-positive murder suspect while being recorded.

“Lord knows where his tongue has been.” That’s the line by former Riverside County Superior Court Judge David B. Downing that started trouble according to the Desert Sun.

Downing is being accused of refusing to read motions filed by Kaushal Niroula because the defendant’s files were licked closed and he’s HIV-positive.

The comment was allegedly made back in 2012 in the middle of a the jury selection process. The courtroom’s mics were off at the moment, but one of the defendants was recording audio on his laptop.

Niroula and co-defendant named Daniel Garcia (who was the one recording) were on trial for the 2008 murder of Clifford Lambert, a retired art dealer.

Eventually, the laptop was discovered to be recording audio, and (seeing as that’s an obvious security breech) it was confiscated and sealed away.

Even though the audio hasn’t been released and thus can’t be confirmed, the trail's transcript from the court case shows that Judge Downing was later confronted about the audio while in session. Downing, who allegedly decided to double down, said that he’s free to say whatever he wanted.

As the transcripts state, Niroula spoke to the judge and said, “It is a commentary regarding my health status and not reading my given motions because you are concerned about where my tongue has been are inappropriate, your honor.”

Downing then replied, “I don’t care what you think. I can say what I want. The First Amendment protects me. I can say what I want.”

Later in the court session, Garcia commented that it was “difficult to proceed in a trial” where the judge had “made fun” of Niruloa’s HIV status.

To which, Downing replied, “What do you care what I said about Mr. Niroula? Worry about yourself right now.”

The two were eventually found guilty of the murder. That said, they are now using Downing’s words to appeal their convictions.

The DA’s Office haven’t decided whether to allow an appeal, but they said they will review the audio “to ascertain what occurred and when.”

When the Desert Sun asked Downing for comment he said, “Who knows? I don’t know what was said five years ago.”

He later added, “Off the top of my head, I didn’t say that stuff.”

Downing retired in 2013 but then partially returned to judging in 2015 for part-time work.

A Man Shot & Killed His 14-Year-Old Son Because He Was Gay

14-year-old Giovanni Melton was shot and killed by his own father on Thursday because of the father’s homophobia.

Melton lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and was considered selfless and charismatic by his friends.

What they may not have known was the Giovanni lived mostly with just his older brother in a condo.

His mother had abandoned them according to court records, Meanwhile, the father, Wendell, had already allegedly abused them and faced charges involving illegal firearms.

“Giovanni was abused physically and mentally and spiritually for many, many years,” said Sonja Jones, the boys’ former foster mother, to Las Vegas 3 News.

“He hated the fact that his son was gay,” she said. “I’m sure that inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than a gay son.”

Jones also added that the brothers told her that the 52-year-old Wendell once pulled a gun on Giovanni after finding him with another boy.

And it seemed that tension between the two only escalated to a deadly scene as Wendell later called the police this past Thursday and when first responders arrived they found Giovanni shot. He died later that day.

Wendell has since been arrested and is charged with murder, child abuse, and prohibited person possessing a firearm.

“I hope they throw the book at him. I hope he never sees the light of day,” said Jones. “I hope every day when he looks in the mirror, he sees his son’s face.”

Jones has also started a GoFundMe page to help Giovanni’s older brother pay for funeral expenses.

Celebrated Designer and Face of Jamaican Pride, Dexter Pottinger, Was Found Murdered

Dexter Pottinger / Credit: Jamaican News

Dexter Pottinger was an artistic leader in Jamaica.

Just a few days ago, the owner of 3D Designs was interviewed by Flair about an upcoming fashion collection titled, “Free.”

"My collection will fit men without them feeling like they're wearing a female romper. It will have style, but still have class and masculinity with a little bit of street-edge," Pottinger explained.

“I’m a creative individual, so when I get to work with different clients, I get to experiment. I like to create and mix-and-match, and give the body life in terms of fashion and style.”

Unfortunately, Pottinger will never see his collection come to fruition as his stabbed body was found on Thursday evening in the middle of decomposition and covered in blood.

So far, the investigation hasn’t found any significant evidence to bring to the public’s attention.

The only evidence publicly announced is the fact that a woman has since reported that she heard screams of “help,” and “murder,” before seeing a car pulling away from Pottinger’s house.

Credit: J-FLAG

Sadly, the woman felt she didn’t know enough about the situation to call the police and potentially cause a stir. And even if she had, we don’t know if it would have already been too late.

While the investigation continues, Jamaica is mourning the loss of Dexter Pottinger.

Olivia Grange, The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport in Jamaica, reached out to The Gleaner to express her sorrow at the shocking turn of events.

 “I consider Dexter to have been an exceptional artist; his designs were works of art. Dexter styled many of our popular entertainers and helped to set the style trend in Dancehall. We have lost a really talented Jamaican.”

Pottinger was not only a recognized artist and fashion designer, but he was also a celebrated activist for the gay community in the country. In fact, last year he was made the Face of Pride by the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays or “J-FLAG.”

Our hearts go out to Pottinger’s family, and we will keep you updated if there is any more news on the story.

Chicago Professor Killed His Boyfriend With Help From Chat Room Buddy To Fulfill Murder-Suicide Fantasy

Wyndham Lathem (left) and Andrew Warren

Wyndham Lathem and Andrew Warren both worked at universities. Lathem taught microbiology at the Northwestern University in Chicago, while Warren was a payroll assistant at Oxford University’s Somerville College.

Not long ago, both men were strangers and lived on different sides of the world. But earlier this month, they sat together in a getaway car as they tried to escape the fact that they, allegedly, were murderers.

Apparently, the two met online through chatrooms and spent months talking about “carrying out their sexual fantasies of killing others and then themselves.”

But sadly, their sick fantasies would take a turn for the reality. And who would be their murder victim? None other than 26-year-old hairstylist Trenton James Cornell-Duranleau, or Lathem’s boyfriend.

This past Sunday, the two men stood in court with Cook County judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. while Assistant State’s Attorney Natosha Toller recapped their alleged actions the night of July 27.

Before then, Lathem had flown Warren in and had him stay in a hotel room close to his Chicago condo. Inside the condo, Cornell-Duranleau laid sleeping.

Trenton James Cornell-Duranleau (Credit: Homocide Watch Chicago)

Around 4:30 a.m., both men entered the condo and Lathem grabbed a 6-inch drywall knife. He then stabbed Cornell-Duranleau in the neck and chest with it.

The victim immediately woke up and tried to fight but was soon ganged up on, as Warren allegedly covered his mouth and hit him over the head with a lamp.

At some point, Warren got a hold of two other kitchen knives and the two continued to stab Cornell-Duranleau about 70 times. The autopsy shows that the body’s back, neck and chest were sliced up so deeply that it was nearly decapitated. In fact, the attack was so violent that one of the knives broke.

After Conell-Duranleau laid dead, the two decided to flee. Even though their original plan was to commit a murder and then kill each other (Lathem stabbing Warren and Warren shooting Lathem), they instead cleaned themselves off, got in a car, and drove Westward.

It seems that the two realized their terrible deed as they started to show actions of guilt and remorse.

Trenton James Cornell-Duranleau (Credit: Homocide Watch Chicago)

On their run from the law, the two made it to Lake Geneva, Wisconson. There, Lathem decided to donate a $1,000 check to the town’s library in Cornell-Durnaleu’s name (he also donated $5,610 to a Chicago LGBTQ health center earlier that day).

Plus, Lathem then made a call to the condo building’s doorman and told him that there was something wrong in his room.

After that, Lathem also sent a video to his family and friends. In it, he apologized for his “involvement” in the murder and Anthony Guglielmi, the spokesman for the Chicago police, stated that in the video Lathem says he’s made “the biggest mistake of his life.”

Some point after that, the two split up as Lathem was later caught in Oakland, California and Warren was arrested in San Francisco. The two then admitted to the murder as Prosecutors told the Chicago Tribune.

At the moment, the defendants haven’t made an official plea, but the case is still continuing. We'll keep you updated as the story develops.