Closeted Teen Receives 3 Life Terms For Gay Party Shooting

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Alunte Davis, Paris Cameron, and Timothy Blancher have seen justice.

Earlier this year, a Detroit teenager was convicted for the murder of two gay men and one transgender woman. The violent incident happened last year and involved the assailant, Devon Robinson, meeting a group of Black queer people and being invited to their party. After appearing and later disappearing, the then-19-year-old Robinson rejoined the party in order to open fire on partygoers. He ended up killing 20-year-old Cameron, 21-year-old Davis, and 20-year-old Blancher. Robinson also injured two other partygoers.


Now, according to the New York Times, Robinson has been sentenced to three life terms in prison without parole for first-degree murder, 10 to 20 years for each count of assault with intent to murder, and two years consecutively for felony firearm.

During the arraignment, it was revealed that Robinson partially knew his victims. Robinson some of the partygoers at a gas station. The interaction went so well that Robinson was invited to a party on May 25, 2019. Robinson then appeared at an east-side home in the 3700 block of Devonshire. According to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, Robinson engaged in multiple sexual acts while at the party. Robinson’s sexual orientation then became a major topic at the party.

Image via the Wayne County Prosecutor & Detroit Police Department

According to Gaye Magazine, Clifton Keys, a survivor of the shooting, testified that Robinson was “hugged up” with Cameron before leaving the home with a “blank” look on his face. Video surveillance from the area then caught Robinson leaving the party and dry heaving a few blocks away. Robinson then went to his home and returned to the party early in the morning with a ski mask, a black skull cap, and a gun. In the attack, Davis was shot twice while Blancher and Cameron were struck four times.


After his conviction, Robinson’s lawyer, Evan Callahan, stated that he and his client plan to appeal the decision. Callahan’s reasoning for opposing the court decision is that the trial could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the figure caught on camera entering and leaving the party was Devon Robinson.

“You don’t see his face; you can’t see who it is,” he argued. “I had high hopes that the jury would have reached a different verdict but, unfortunately, they’ve spoken. We plan to appeal and we will see what comes of it.”

Source: The New York Times, Gaye Magazine

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