21-Year-Old Arrested For Attacking His Army Vet Lover

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A British army veteran was stabbed in the throat while being tied up on his bed after his male lover worried about being outed.

21-year-old Dylan Upton was the assailant in the June 10, 2019 attack, according to the Manchester Evening News. Upton and the unnamed Army veteran were a couple and had gone to the Parklife festival together just a day before the attack. The two then spent June 10th together. On that day, the victim gave his consent to be tied to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Unfortunately, the situation became violent from there.


According to the victim and his legal team, Upton, who has a girlfriend, interrogated the victim. Upton expressed concerns that the lover was holding onto photographs of him and Upton. The interrogation then became more intense as Upton began punching him and strangling him. Upton also threatened to get his friends to “sort him out.”

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A kitchen knife to his throat and demanded money, which the victim provided. Upton then acquired the keys to the victim’s safe, which contained his Falklands War medal, a laptop computer, and more money. The victim was then further mocked by being forced to crawl while saying “I am a pervert” and being recorded. Upton then caused some damage to the victim’s house before leaving.

Upton was later taken to court for the incident. Initially, Upton denied knowing the victim, but DNA evidence from a toothbrush in the Army Vet’s home later disproved that.  Upton’s defense, Amanda Johnson, then reasoned that Upton was afraid of his sexuality being revealed. Johnson says Upton then, “spiraled out of control.”

Eventually, Upton, pleaded guilty to robbery and was sent to jail for 11 years and eight months. In his conviction, he was also given a restraining order. Meanwhile, the victim plans to move away from Manchester and is trying to heal from the incident.

Sources: The Manchester Evening News, The Mirror

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