50 Cent Mocks Terry Crew’s Sexual Assault!

50 Cent Mocks Terry Crew’s Sexual Assault!

Crews Speaks In Front Of US Senate Judiciary Committee 

#GROAN! In October 2017, we reported Actor Terry Crews had made sexual assault allegations against Talent Agent, Adam Venit. Yesterday, the 49-year-old White Chicks star appeared before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee to speak of a Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights which is being proposed. Crews doesn’t go into too much detail of the assault, but allegedly, Venit grabbed Crews’ genitals and was “effectively telling he is in control.” Upon a question regarding retaliation from a Senator, Crews proclaims the Producers of The Expendables films wanted him to drop the sexual assault case in order for him to continue in the franchise. Crews refused and is no longer going to be in the series. Ironically, the alleged Producer who made this claim is going through his own sexual assault allegation case. Trust me, I tried snooping to see who was producing the film but came up short.

Check out Crews’ emotional speech to the Senate below:

Of course, we all applaud Crews for calling out Venit for sexual assault. One would be led to believe someone of Crews’ physical size, attitude, and stature would not be able to be sexually assaulted. One of the people who are taking Crews’ sexual assault as a joke is Rapper 50 Cent, who kind of appears to appreciate his gay fans, but has a sketchy past with homophobia. Cent took to Instagram, creating a meme of combined photographs of Crews: Flexing and holding a rose in his mouth. Cent captioned it with a quote from Crews: “I froze in fear” with a laughing emoji. Check out the now deleted-post below:

Literally Cent is nothing but ignorant the majority of the time. He is insinuating that due to Crews’ size, he is unable to be sexually assaulted and should’ve gotten violent with the predator. Crew has stated in the past he didn’t want to get in a physical altercation with Venit because the headlines would be swapped: Large, African-American man attacks skinny Caucasian Agent.

According to TMZ, Crews is well aware of Cent’s ignorant post but is not going to respond to him. Crews will continue being one of the most surprising faces of sexual assault in the #MeToo industry. He continues his battle to get justice.

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