A Melbourne Man Finds Success Making Crocheted Coverings For Your Eggplant

Reporter Felippe Canale, wearing his Brett Walker cock sock / Instagram

In the age of COVID-19, so many of us have felt the global economic crunch that comes with shuttering everything down, making employment opportunities quite scarce. However, some have the luck of being skilled with an ability to innovate and create a whole new market for themselves and emerge victorious in adversity.

Enter Brett Walker – a clever, crochet master from Melbourne who is making a name for himself with customized pieces made for, well … men’s pieces.


Walker’s con-cock-tions (sorry, I couldn’t resist) have been making quite a splash on social media, after a recent interview with Vice Australia to discuss his product line of customizable cock socks. And when I say customizable, I mean you can order a custom ordered junk warmer with pubic hair or without, with veins or without veins, in a range of skin tones, colors and of course, various sizes.

When asked about this creative hobby turned into a naughty new business, Walker explained to Vice that it all started with a personal realization,


“Everybody should feel attractive and sexy within their own skin. A lot of the body positivity movement is driven from a female perspective, but I want to highlight that men face the same societal pressure too. Men can also be very sensitive about their penises and sexuality—but by seeing their dicks turned into art, I can give guys more confidence in their own bodies.”

Some may scoff at this venture, but the pricetags on Walker’s creations start at $150. He’s got lots of customers, including the Vice article’s sexy author Felippe Canale who first saw Walker’s work on Instagram and was intrigued enough to order one for himself.


Given the provocative nature of Walker’s work and his affinity for nudity and celebration of the naked body, you can conclude he’s been censored a few times on Instagram. He explains to Vice how silly Instagram can be when it comes to what it will or will not allow,

“Censorship on Instagram is a joke and hardly consistent. My crochet cock socks highlight the absurdity of censorship in the best possible way: by censoring nudity with simulated nudity! Think about it: I can create a detailed replica of a cock out of yarn, then you can take a photo of yourself wearing it over your real cock, and this technically meets the guidelines. But if an artist posts a photograph that contains a penis, close-up butt, or even just a female nipple, then it can be removed for violating the guidelines.”


To create his one of a kind dong dressings, Walker sends his customers specific instructions on how tho measure their penis, and for an even more perfect fit, a photo submission can really help nail it!

I’m contemplating if I should treat myself to an original Bret Walker cock sock, but maybe I’ll wait until the Winter. It’s the middle of summer now in New York City, and not really the appropriate season for cock-couture made of wool.

Check out the full Vice article here

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