A New York City Math Teacher Was Arrested For Having Sex With A Middle School Boy

A Brooklyn middle school teacher was arrested for having sex with a male student.


Just a few weeks ago, Andre Braddy, 34, was a popular and well-respected math and advanced algebra teacher at Lenox Academy, PS 235.

Then, a student told his mother he’d had sex with the teacher, which led to the mother contacting the police. That led to the police setting up a monitored call between the teacher and student, which led to Braddy’s arrest.

Police say that Braddy had oral and anal sex with the student three times between March 19 and April 20. All of these encounters happened on the school premises in either a classroom or in a bathroom.

Plus, police found sexually charged texts and pictures shared between the two. In one text, Braddy apologized for taking the boy’s virginity and asked if he liked the photos Braddy sent.


“He was really important to us,” 14-year-old Lenox Academy student Amari Aaron, told The New York Times. “It’s devastating to hear he’d do something like this. Nobody thought he’d be capable.”

Other people have also noted how Braddy seemed like a remarkable man before the news came out. For instance, his lawyer said he was a “remarkable success story.”


“His father's been in and out of jail. He attended CUNY where he received a full scholarship,” Stoll told the New York Daily News. “He works seven days a week. On Sundays he teaches math and calculus at Medgar Evers College.”

Stoll said Braddy lives with his mom and his “severely disabled, autistic sister, who he takes care of.”

Unfortunately, all of that good has been overturned by the revelation that Braddy was having sexual relations with one of his students.

Braddy is now being charged with three counts each of engaging in criminal sexual acts and sexual misconduct, four counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and a count of second-degree criminal sexual acts.

The former teacher was held on $75,000 bond or $25,000 case bail, placed in protective custody and on suicide watch.

If convicted, Braddy could be facing up to 7 years in prison. He’s expected to be back in court on May 1.

5 thoughts on “A New York City Math Teacher Was Arrested For Having Sex With A Middle School Boy”

  1. The 14 year old boy may have

    The 14 year old boy may have wanted to have sex with his teacher, the teacher is a grown man. And grown men don't have sex with a 14 year old period. 

  2. This is BULLSHIT to the Max.

    This is BULLSHIT to the Max. He was a horny ass courious 14yo boy who wanted sexual adventures with a big black teacher, only to sell him out in the end. Why? Cause he felt guilty, or to cover his tracks as another fagget who got “broken-in” who’s now crying rape…?

    Bye Falicia 

    • How could you possibly blame

      How could you possibly blame a 14-year-old who doesn't know what he wants or anything about homosexuality? What about the teacher's responsibility to protect and guide the students?

  3. Even the best of us are not

    Even the best of us are not completely free from temptation, transgression and lapses in judgment. It’s unfortunate that Braddy gave in to those impulses. It seems that so much good will come to an end simply because of a few moments of selfish pleasure.

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