A Quick Chat With Fitness Icon Shaun T

If you are a fitness-minded person, chances are you have heard of Shaun T. The superbly handsome 38 year old has amassed a fitness empire with his creation of amazing programs such as Hip Hop Abs and Insanity, as well as gracing the covers of several magazines and appearing on national shows to promote his way of staying in shape.

He's also one of our proud gay brethren who happens to be married to the equally as cute Scott Blokker.  I caught up with Shaun briefly last week during an event at New York Fashion Week, where we got to discuss the best ways to stay in shape for the fall, his favorite cheat meal (like legit cheat meal) and who his true fitness inspiration is.  Take a look. 

What is your best fitness goals for the fall so that we don’t fall off the wagon?

So, here’s the thing.  When people get to the 4th quarter, they let everything so.  It’s fall, people want to put on clothes, but instead of trying to work out every day, just switch it to like 3 times a week.  Just don’t fall off completely because people put a lot of pressure on themselves, so I say don’t just skip it all together.  Make a promise that you will do it two or three days a week.

Do you have a favorite cheat meal?  And I’m not talking about a protein bar or something super healthy.  I am talking “calories fattening realness”.

For me, it would be a Philly Cheesesteak with extra cheese, fries, salt and pepper, all of that. 

Did you have a celebrity inspiration for fitness when you were growing up?

Growing up, no, my inspiration was my grandfather in fitness and in life.  He taught me to be in peak physical condition and to not worry about the way that you look. 

What’s your favorite spot to chow down at while in Manhattan?

Man, there’s so many.  I can’t pick one.  I love food, so anywhere I go I’ll find something.

For more information on Shaun T, check out his official website

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