A Vancouver School’s In Controversy Over A Homophobic & Racist “Bullying List”

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A hate list has been found to include the names of 100 Eric Hamber Secondary School students in Vancouver. Each student is referred to as the school’s Biggest F*****” along with racial slurs.

Canadian news source CTV reports that the list was made by seniors at the school and spread online through a Google Documents link.

In an email statement to CTV, the Vancouver School Board said that the list was a “serious breach” in the school’s “Code of Conduct.” It was also shared that the student responsible for starting the document has already been found and punished.

The statement added:

“A list of members of the school community, containing inappropriate content, was circulated.”

“As the matter is further assessed, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken in addition to ensuring students and staff receive the supports they need.”

The story of this bully list was spread by several Canadian news sources. Many students from the school have then come forward to comment on it.

Local news source citynews1130.com talked to the sister of one Eric Hamber student who said the list was titled “something along the lines of ‘The Biggest F****ts at Eric Hamber.’”

Despite this, Sophie Klassen, a Eric Hamber student who was named on the list, shares that these homophobic and racist attitudes don’t reflect the majority of the school.

“Hamber is not a bullying community,” Klassen said. “I personally believe that it is one of the best schools in Vancouver.”

“I’m sorry that this had to happen, but I really think this is a good educational experience for people,” she added. “There’s a lot of positivity that can come out of it.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous male student came forward to share with CTV that the original group of students who created the list were “not mean guys.” He also claims that the original document didn’t include demeaning language, but others added those words after the document was shared online.

h/t: CTV, CityNews1130.com,

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