Apple Has a Fix For iPhone “i” Auto-Correct Bug

Are you an iPhone user that has been experiencing the pesky auto-correct bug? That’s right, tons have been having issues when typing the letter “i”. Instead of the intended letter auto-correcting to a capital, it gets replaced with the letter “A” and a Unicode symbol.

Here’s what you might be seeing:

It’s been appearing for over a week now when Apple updated to iOS 11.1 with hundreds of new emojis. But not everyone is affected, so you may just be wondering why this is appearing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Grindr, Scruff, Growlr or any of your other favorite means of distractions!

But do not despair! For those of you who haven’t figured out the fix yet, Apple has provided a temporary fix until a patch for the software is issued.

Basically you can use the Text Replacement feature on iOS to create automatic changes to the letter “i” by switching it to a capital letter. And voila! Crisis averted.

To do this, following this path to make the change:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Click on the plus sign in the top right corner.

Next to Phrase, type "I," and beside Shortcut, type "i."

Tap Save in the top right.

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