Are Some Charity Donations Inappropriate?

Are Some Charity Donations Inappropriate?

Should We Stop Donating To Celebrities’ Personal Endeavors?

Is it problematic when celebrities ask for donations? Over the last few years, I’ve seen examples from iconic girl-group, TLC, requesting money to make new music, Pornography Director, ChiChi LaRue, asking we pay for his rehab for addictions, and now RuPaul’s Drag Race standout, Gia Gunn, is inviting fans to fund her transition surgery. While I believe one should be able to express their art, move on from their demons, and become the person they were born to be: Should society truly be donating to someone’s personal endeavors?

Okay, so these people aren’t exactly just anybody: They are celebrities for crying out loud! TLC is one of the most popular girl groups of all time, ChiChi LaRue has made a fortune off the sex industry, and Gunn is actively working in nightclubs and managed to be on the most profitable LGBTQ reality show. In what world am I suppose to think it’s more acceptable to donate to their personal goals rather than a variety of LGBTQ charities which go towards the greater good for the community?

Would you donate money to an acquaintance who wants to move out of town simply because it’s their goal? I’ve always wanted some plastic surgery and this incredible bed frame, but I would get laughed off social media if I would dare to wish my friends to pay for it. I understand Celebrities have the adoration and constant need to connect with their fans, but the whole donation thing seems a little bit of a stretch from busting your behind in the real world: Glamour or not.

I sincerely want everyone to succeed in life and have their dreams come true. I am incredibly familiar with addiction, wanting to express your art, and being true to yourself. However, for someone who is not in the public eye, I must claim I’ve reached my current status level of success on my own and without help from donations. I won’t hate on anyone making money in any form they choose, but I am definitely allowed to have a side eye.

Do you believe celebrities are taking advantage of their fan base by requesting donations?

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