Are You More Attractive When You Take Personal Grooming Practices ‘Down There?’

When its safe to go back out into the wild and hunt your next conquest, how much work are you going to have to do before you’re ready?  We all know the phrase, “I shaved my legs for this?”  But many of us would replace legs with balls, or changed the shaved action to douched.  Presenting yourself to a sexual partner sometimes takes a little more preparation than when you go spooning with Ben & Jerry’s.


When it comes to prepping for your bunk mate, does body hair come into play?

I have a good friend down here in Fort Lauderdale, let’s call him Fabio, since well, that’s his name.  He is an amazing caring guy that I have gotten to know while I lay on my belly, half naked, ass in the air.  I hit up Fabio on my cell, either by text or by sending a message on GROWLr when I am in need of a “treatment.” 

I met Fabio a couple of years ago on GROWLr when he sent out a SHOUT that he does body hair trimming and other skin care for men out of his home.  I was tired of buzzing my own back (yes, flexibility is key when doing that) so I hit up Fabio for a back buzz (the ass in the air was a joke, but I am face down on his massage bed).  I can take care of the rest of the body hair trimming on my own, but he offers full-body service (no, not sexual).  One of my friends that visits often makes sure to schedule in a visit to Fabio and has him trim a lot more than I have done and he loves it. Not only is a visit relaxing (and a little sexual), but it’s also having someone else caring about how you look shirtless or naked and making sure all those pesky stray hairs are taken care of. 

Trimming of body hair is a personal thing and I do it for my own personal feeling of or belief that back hair when out of control is a turn off for me, but the body hair debate goes to new levels when it involves what should be done with the pubic hair?


Save.Health conducted a survey with people of various sexual orientations about their personal grooming. Their findings reveal people’s grooming habits and whether they feel pressured to go “Commando” and “Full Monty” – completely bare. They also wanted to find an answer to the most teased question of all: Does one personal grooming style lead to more pleasure over another? 

To Bare or to Bush –

When you’re looking at pictures of men you find sexy, is it hard to find a match?  Are you looking at those smooth men and wondering if you should go smooth to be considered attractive?  Or are you smooth  and wishing there could be a handful of chest hair on your own pecs?  Body positivity does involve hair positivity. Grooming habits, such as shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal, are very much a matter of personal choice, but just like a gym membership, there may be a cost involved.

Seven in 10 men trimmed their pubic hair each month, which can be done with everything from an electric shaver to kitchen shears, although we don’t recommend the latter. However, the majority (74%) of women preferred to shave. Women were also more likely to wax, apply oils or lotions, and get laser hair removal – all costlier methods.


When survey participants were asked about their own grooming, specifically pubic hair, their answers varied, but the majority had little-to-moderate amounts of hair. Sixty-nine percent of gay men sported a moderate look, and while 61% of straight men preferred the same, they were the most likely to have full or natural hair (31%). Gay women were the least likely to take a moderate approach (54%).

Maybe it’s from all those years of shaving commercials, but straight women were the most likely to have no pubic hair.

Personal preference is one thing, but how did people feel about their partner having pubic hair? We’d say they didn’t mind it: The majority of participants were happy with their partner’s pubic hair. However, 18% of straight women said they were unhappy with their partner’s pubic hair regimen, followed by gay men, straight men, and then gay women.


Cost of it all – 

If you want to step up the hair removal, economics says you are not alone. The global laser hair removal market was valued at $587.6 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at roughly a 16% rate starting rate until 2026. If you’ve done both shaved/buzzed and waxed, you know there is a cost difference.  For Women the lifetime cost of shaving and waxing is $10,000 and $23,000 respectively. I’m more of a fan of buzzing and not shaving or waxing.  No matter what form of back waxing I did in the past, I would break out. Fabio’s “treatments” are just what I need. 

Feeling More Sexually Attractive – 

More than half of the survey participants said pubic hair grooming made them more sexually attractive. Women were more likely than men to hold this belief. And people were most likely to feel confident naked if they had no pubic hair.


Do you feel more confident or attractive if there is less hair down there? Is it because the tree looks bigger when the lawn has been mowed? And is it a full mow or just a trim?

It’s About Preference

If you’re afraid that a lover won’t perform for you because you choose to go natural, communicate with your partner about your grooming preferences, and ask them about theirs. Listen respectfully, and make sure they value your desires.


Overall, gay women, straight men, and straight women reported being more sexually satisfied if their partner had no pubic hair or a moderate amount of hair. However, gay men seemed to be more satisfied the more pubic hair their partner had.

Some men prefer groomed pubic hair on their partners or partners for the night, some like it au naturale, while others like an untamed forest.


So to sum all of that up and what it means to you:

  • Gay men (58%) and women (65%) believe grooming their pubic hair makes them more sexually attractive
  • 51% of gay men and 59% of gay women aren’t willing to have sex with a partner who has ungroomed pubic hair
  • For gay men, the biggest sex deal breakers are: a full or natural bush, genital piercings, and dyed pubic hair

But, really, there are no answers here.  You can look at the stats, preferences, polls, stats, Venn diagrams, and still not have the right answer.  What works for you, works for you.  What gets you turned on is personal, too.  Have fun, play around, talk with others, and if you want an appointment with Fabio while you’re in Fort Lauderdale, let me know. 

This post contains opinions of this contributing writer and may not represent the beliefs of other contributing writers or Instinct Magazine.

Charts and Content Source: Save.Health


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