Are You Tuned Into Joshua Dela Cruz?

Is it time to start watching kids shows again?

Gay uncles and dads out there, time to grab your nieces and nephews and sit them down in front of the tv to watch Blues Clues & You. But little do the kids know, we’ll be enjoying the show too. But for a whole other reason.

Since Nickelodeon announced the return of Blues Clues, many wondered who would take on the leading role. Then it was announced last year that Filipino-American actor Joshua Dela Cruz would take on the role. And while there was an adjustment period, we are now fully behind the Aladdin on Broadway actor. And can you blame us when he looks like this?

Unfortunately, men. He’s straight and he’s married, so we can only look. But good for him and his wife. They seem like a lovely couple.

So the next time we’re babysitting our favorite little cousins, it looks like watching kids’ tv just got a little better.

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