Arthur Nory Naps With New Medals + More Eye Candy

Arthur Nory (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams this week starting with gymnast Arthur Nory, who napped with his new medals from the 2022 South American Games:

Speaking of sports, remember – it’s always important to stretch first:

Sterling Walker sent good vibes from Palm Springs:

Ivan was all smiles for the weekend up in Alaska:

Nick Norcia has a big shaker and he’s not afraid to use it:

Chris Cragg rocked a blue Speedo:

Chef Ronnie Woo did his ‘butch mountain hiker person’ thing:

Gotta admit Sam Cushing’s ‘shoe kick’ bit is pretty fierce:

GayUncleMario, Instinct’s ‘Hottie of the Week,’ serves up some gaygaygay memes for your Sunday – be sure to swipe:

Grandy Glaze got fun and flirty for Friday:

Noah Gao can pull off a pic in profile:

AdamBear22 danced it out at Urban Bear Street Festival:

Nick Fleming played shy:

Paul Dennison, Mr. Gay Europe 2022, helped his husband out around the house:

Hamza Kareem presents his “body by Nutella:”

They don’t call him ‘The Glute God’ for nothing:

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