Asian Men Offended By Dating App Tinder’s Thoughtless Ad

Image via Reddit

The internet is getting offended (yes, I know, what else is new) by a Tinder ad.

The ad depicts a Tinder user swiping through nearby users. The user swipes right for a white guy, swipes left for an Asian guy, swipes right for a black guy, and inspects a profile before swiping right on another white guy.

The thing that people are getting offended by is that it’s an Asian man that gets the swipe left.

This is an ad that has already caused controversy The video was first a welcome and introduction video for new users to the app, but of course users in places like Hong Kong didn’t appreciate that only the Asian man was rejected.

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This led to Tinder’s marketing team apologizing for the video back at the end of August.

“Though it was not our intention, we see in retrospect how the content could be seen as insensitive, and we deeply apologize for any offense caused,” a Tinder spokesperson told HuffPost. “We believe that everyone deserves the chance to find their match on Tinder and we strive to make it a community of acceptance and inclusivity for all individuals.”

But, it seems that they decided to turn the video into an advertisement as one Reddit user found out.

Just yesterday, Reddit user Qiusunny posted a screenshot of the ad to the subreddit aznidentity.

Image via Reddit

The ad came across the user’s phone while he or she was watching a Youtube video (and ironically one with an Asian focus).

Responses to the Reddit thread have been:

  • “Report as racist to both youtube and tinder.”
  • “Little bit of irony here considering 2 of YouTube's 3 founders are of Asian descent. Silicon Valley pisses me off.”
  • “Are there no ads of an Asian man with YES, swipe right? Curious. But yeah, that's a problem.”

Now, it is possible that not taking the ad off of Youtube was an earnest mistake and an oversight by the company, but several people have noted their offense to the ad (especially when being marketed to Asian people).

If you too have complaints about the ad, you can try to send those thoughts to Tinder through this link.

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