Azealia Banks Lashes Out Against PrEP Users And Gay Producer, Frank Ocean

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F-List, lost cause, Azealia Banks has once again crawled out of the music industry’s trash bin, to share another one of her notorious nuggets of nonsense. 

Not one to disappoint on proving her worthlessness to humanity, the singer and rapper lived up to her affinity for filth with a new round of homophobic vitriol, this time aimed at gay men taking PrEP, and openly gay R&B producer Frank Ocean. 

It all started when Ocean, announced a new nightclub promotion he’s producing in New York City, called PrEP+. The announcement originated on Gayletter. Though initially met with a side-eye, many thought the club’s name was a glorification of PrEP use and unprotected sex. However, that is not accurate.

According to Ocean’s announcement on GayLetter:

“The night is named PrEP+ as an homage to what could have been of the 1980s’ NYC club scene if the drug PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), which can be taken daily to prevent HIV/AIDs for those who are not infected but are at high risk had been invented in that era.”

I’ll be honest. I’m not sold on the name either, but the intention is what matters most. Obviously, there is no il-intent or attempt to glorify unprotected sex –even as misguided as the party’s name may be.

Weighing in on the matter, Banks lashed out to criticize Ocean for naming his new club PrEP+. I admit, the name made me wince at first, and we can debate all day if Banks has a point in being put off by it. However, it is the repugnant way in which Banks continually chooses to communicate her points of view that is offensive.

In an ignorant rant against Ocean, the Truvada pill (PrEP) and the gay men who use it, Banks said the following:

“There’s no reason you need to have a f**king pill so you can just f**k whoever you wanna f**k.” 

OK, (DEEP BREATH) let’s just start with that. What’s infuriating about this comment is millions of women, probably Banks herself, take birth control pills every day for THAT exact reason. So her logic, just like her declining career, is deeply flawed. 

Next, she went on a tirade about PrEP’s safety and possible side effects. 

Truvada -PrEP -Gilead

Her nonsense continued …

“The boys are still getting HIV. The girls are getting f**king renal failure. They’re getting f**king liver failure; they’re getting anal warts, they’re getting anal cancer, OK? That’s a f**king death trap.”

THE FACTS: Potential side effects are not hidden from PrEP users. Doctors make it clear that tri-monthly blood screenings are obligatory to monitor organ function while on the medication. Whereas it’s true, PrEP does not prevent STDs; it’s not a deathtrap by any means with data to back up the fact that it actually saves lives. As for “boys are still getting HIV,” of course, there are some new cases of HIV reported by those not taking preventive measures. However, the use of drugs such as PrEP and new HIV/AIDS combination therapies have resulted in fewer infections than at any time since the epidemic began. So the last thing we need is Banks flapping her yap with misinformation about its effectiveness.

To be clear, the first generation of PrEP over a decade ago is currently the subject of lawsuits regarding side effects, but that is not the same classification of the drug that was modified, which today requires mandatory monitoring as a safety measure while taking it. 

Banks still doesn’t end there, though. She goes on to accuse Ocean of likely getting paid to promote PrEP by Gilead, the drug’s manufacturer. Then, she slut-shames men on the drug. In her misguidedness, she implies these men are sex addicts. She suggests they need therapy to resolve their addiction to letting “everybody” cum in them.  

No, Miss Banks that is foolishness, and no, we don’t need any more “Truvada-whore” stigmas attached to an already very personal choice people make when they decide to go on PrEP.

Other than ignoring her as we all should, Ocean – a gentleman by all accounts, posted a lengthy reply to the controversy on his Tumblr page. He made it clear that he is in no way in a partnership with any drug company. Like most things that come out of Banks’ mouth, that accusation was pure conjecture.

Personally, what I need is for this ratchet chick to do, is mind her own business and stick to what she knows best, which is obviously trying to secure her legacy as a first-round, jeopardy question. Alex, I’ll take “Girl, please go sit yo ass down somewhere and shut up” for $200.

Seriously, I think Banks may be mentally troubled. The only time she is in the press, it’s because she’s either beefin’ with other celebrities, or she’s said or done something rabidly awful, like biting a bouncer on the breast.

I have to laugh, too, when banks refers to Truvada use as a “deathtrap.” No honey, the real deathtrap is getting your medical advice from a failed, past-her-prime, rapper on Twitter. 


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