Babadook Creator Jennifer Kent Shares Her Thoughts On The Gay Icon Hysteria

Remember the Babadook? Well, he’s still gay, says the internet. And now, the director thinks so too.

While doing a promotional tour for her newest film, the Nightingale, filmmaker Jennifer Kent was asked about her thoughts on her character being rebranded as a gay icon. Her response, she’s entertained by the idea.

“Of course, I love that story,” she said.

She then added, “I think it’s crazy and just kept him alive. I thought, ‘Ah, you bastard.’ He doesn’t want to die, so he’s finding ways to become relevant.”

The Babadook was a 2014 horror film by Jennifer Kent. The story followed a woman whose child became haunted by the character in a children’s book. As the film continued, the Babadook started to haunt the mother as well and almost drove her insane. The film’s story and monster were ultimately a metaphor for depression and mental illness.

Then in 2017, internet users noticed that someone at the Netflix streaming company had accidently placed The Babadook in the LGBT movies section. This then created the joke that The Babadook monster was a gay icon. People even started to match the creature with Pennywise from IT and calling them a gay power couple.







The internet’s a crazy place.

What do you think?