‘Bad Wig Bandit’ Terrorizes North Carolina Towns With Hair-Raising Robberies.

Bank tellers at three different banks in North Carolina have reported hair-raising encounters in recent weeks – robberies by a peculiar bank thief who appeared to be wearing hideous wigs in each occurrence. 

Now referred to as the “Bad Wig Bandit,” — the robber was captured on surveillance cameras during the robberies. First, on Dec. 13, he held up BB&T Bank in Huntersville, wearing a short blond wig with bangs. 

Nearly a month later, in January, New Horizon Bank in Belmont became his next target. For that occasion of thievery, he opted for a little Jessica Rabbit inspiration and arrived in a long, bright-red wig according to police reports.

Five hours later, the over-achieving suspect completed his wigged-out trifecta by robbing a Wells Fargo branch in Gastonia in a curly black wig. The whimsical images are making the rounds on the internet thanks to the wanted poster released by the FBI’s Charlotte division.

The suspect is believed to be in his 20s or 30s, with a medium build and dark skin – possibly African American or Hispanic. Tips can be submitted to the FBI at the information in the Wanted Poster above. so if anybody out there knows this fool, call the authorities. But first, you might suggest that before the cops arrive, he get himself a fresh, new lace front, so his mug shots won’t look a mess like that surveillance footage.

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