Behind The Scenes Video Of Australian Firefighters Calendar Will Keep Us Hot For Some Time

Nathan Jenkins and puppy.  Yes. We’re jealous! (screen shot from behind the scenes video)

What’s better than getting an eye-full of hot men year round? Knowing that your wall art is going toward a good cause. 

The Australian Firefighters Calendar, which has been around for 27 years, is getting bigger and better and helping even more people and animals this year.  The calendars have a rich past supporting some of Australia’s biggest Children’s Hospital organizations. Their focus for this year’s calendar was to support local, smaller charities with more of a focus on native Australian, rescue, and therapy animals.

But it is more than just a single calendar showing bulging male pecs, abs, shoulders (catches breath) as the firefighters have produced six unique calendars for 2020. Variety is the spice of life and Australia’s hottest firefighters are giving us a half a dozen ways to keep the year caliente with calendars featuring rescue cats, dogs, horses, Australian native animals, and even a farm animal edition. This year the calendars also feature firefighters from France and Germany. Next year, firefighters from all over the world will take part in the worlds first International Firefighters Calendar.
So with all of these calendars, who will they support? Where will the proceeds go?
We felt that it was important to help some of the smaller charities that the public never hears about. These grass roots organizations work tirelessly in their local community making a huge difference to people’s lives. – David Rogers, Director, Australian Firefighters Calendar
Some of the smaller community-based charities include Healing Hooves which was setup to help children suffering with Autism and Asperger’s. Healing Hooves now also helps returned veterans suffering from PTSD and older people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This video from May helps us to learn more about the charities that have been assisted and will be assisted with the calendars’ profits.

Also receiving funds is the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital who has been caring for injured nativeAustralian animals for over 70 years.This year the hospital will treat over 11,000 injured animals.Donated funds from the calendar will go to purchase new equipment and fund research into diseases affecting the koala population. Here’s some footage of the men as they did their photo shoot at the wildlife hospital.


To help our farmers suffering through Australia’s worst drought in living memory, the calendar donated 5 Road Trains of hay to drought ravaged Australia. Some of these areas have not seen rain in several years and farmers are struggling to stay on the land. “These guys took their clothes off to raise enough money to supply all these bales, thank you very much” Dave Weston – 4th Generation farmer

Does this make us want to spend a little more and maybe have firemen in every room of our house, in our office, garage?  I’m leaning toward a yes sir! 
The 2020 calendars have been on sale for a little while, but since I’m a very visual learner, I’m always grateful when the “behind the scenes” videos come out. This one just so happens to be a cute/sexy reminder that calendars make a great Christmas present.  It’s never too early to shop for that, or even buy a present for yourself. Have a look (“All I want for Christmas” by Diamond White).

So, your choice – Cats, Wildlife, Horses, Farm Animals, Dogs, and a Classic Just Men calendar are your options. And if you’re not looking to buy and support some great charities, you can rethink your decision and work on which calendar(s) to buy as you gather more visual information on their website ( Happy surfing!  We’ll leave you with some more screen shots below. 

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Following are screen shots from the Merry Christmas video.  

Screen shot from the Farm Animal Calendar behind the scenes video

And here’s some of other yummy pics from the calendar photo shoots provided to Instinct by


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