Betty Who Returns With The Self Titled (And Emotionally Raw) Album “Betty”

Since hitting the airwaves of America with her her eponymous (and independently released) bop "Somebody Loves You" Betty Who quickly became one of the most popular Australian musical imports since Kylie Minogue. Originally, she publicly praised fellow pop princesses Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus as artists who she was heavily influenced by, but on her latest album, the self-titled "Betty", she shows that she is truly stepping out on her own. Mixing her classic pop sound with extremely personal lyrics throughout the package, Betty shows she is well on her way to taking her place alongside her most admired pop luminaries. When listened to together, "Betty" almost tells it's own story, but some of the tracks on their own speak their own individual messages as well. 

The rapid fire beats of "I Remember" are an immediate earworm, and Betty's breathy and effortless vocals are truly what make the track work. An ode to the truest of love, the track pays tribute to the "only one" in her life in the most glorious way. (An added treat is the "Hector Fonseca & Esteban Lopez Remix" of this track, putting their signature beats behind the vocals and turning the track into a the kind of peak time anthem we need more of from this artist)! 

"Ignore Me" shows Betty Who at her most definitive, penning a song that truly is applicable to so many who have an ex that they truly just want to leave behind. The verses are definitive and go far beyond typical romantic entanglements, and it can truly be applied to any type of relationship that did not go the way that either of the participants wished that it had.

If there is a truly stand out track on the package, it's "Just Thought You Should Know", Many of us have certain things we wish we could say to past loves, and this song was structured to bridge that gap. The soaring lyrics and the beyond relatable vocals make this track a favorite for the fans, who can be found singing every syllable back to Betty at concerts. The yearning we feel for past romantic partners may not be best conveyed at 3am, but if anyone can help deliver the message, it's Betty Who. 

Between performances of her hit single "Somebody Loves You"  on the Season One finale of the Logo reality show Fire Island to recording an updated version of "All Things" for the reboot of Netflix's Queer Eye, Betty Who has slowly been showing a natural evolution in her career that culminates with "Betty". The remainder of the album is smartly structured, with tracks like "Language" and "All This Woman" specifically showing off the vocal chops and true raw ability that this artist truly has. With smart (and mostly self-penned) lyrics and her signature infectious hooks "Betty" is a natural progression for an artist who with every release of new music, finds herself surrounded with even more much deserved buzz. 

"Betty" is available now on all streaming platforms.

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