Big Brother Contestant Comes Out As Pansexual!

Big Brother Contestant Comes Out As Pansexual!

Ugh, Another Reality Star Is Responsible For Outing!

#DAMN! There’s too many reality television shows and contestants to keep up with. Fortunately, with a good ole’ Google Alert; I’m informed each time one of these reality contestants comes out of the closet or does anything related to the LGBTQ community. Many people come out each and every day, across all spectrums of sexuality, and one of the *prettiest* in the business just came out as pansexual: A sexual identity which is not limited in choice regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. To be blunt: Extremely sexually fluid. Which primetime reality star was the latest to speak her truth?

According to E!, Big Brother 18, MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning sweetheart, and former NFL Cheerleader, Natalie Negrotti, has came out as pansexual. But, it’s not like Negrotti was able to come out on her own terms. She’s coming out publicly on the airing season of The Challenge…and she was freaking outed by another contestant, Kayleigh Morris, on social media, who was incorrectly calling her a lesbian. Negrotti told on the MTV series:

“So, I'm pansexual, and I'm OK with that now. Kaleigh outed me on social media. I wasn't ready, and I haven't even got the opportunity to tell my whole family. She just did it in a really malicious way, and that's not fair to me. But I know that I'll never forget and I'll never be her friend."

Obviously, as we know, if someone outs you: They are not your friend! Good God, someone please give this girl some room to breathe. Sexuality is complicated as it is rather than having to deal with it on reality television. Trust the community, Negrotti, we won’t let you down! Negrotti took to Twitter and Instagram to let us know…she’s going to be herself. Check out her posts below:


Be you. Be free… . . @firethecanon

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Let’s celebrate living her authentic life and welcome her with open arms into our community. Live ya’ best life, girlfran!

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