Billboard Magazine Declares Ariana Grande A Gay Icon

Allegedly, an intern or someone less than smart over at Billboard Magazine decided that Ariana Grande is “unmatched” as the gay icon of her generation. Grande is great! I’ve played Dangerous Woman on repeat until my ears began bleeding. But, alas. Hi! I represent that generation Grande is a part of. I would love some clarity on why she gets to this honor. Where is that Michelle Visage “no” GIF when you need it?! For real?!

According to BillBoard, Grande is a gay icon because: She has an (insufferable) gay brother! She set aside her Catholic roots because of their views on the LGBTQ Community! She has Queer back up dancers! She loves Diana Ross! She impersonated Celine Dion! She performed at a gay pride! She openly loves the LGBTQ Community!


As someone who is only a few years older than Grande, I have to call bullshit, shade, whatever is trending as 'hell no'. The reasons Billboard listed are so laughable, I thought it was an article on satire website, The Onion.

Members of the LGBTQ Community also had some choice words for Grande. Check them out below.








I’m not certain why some members of the community are claiming you must be gay to be considered a gay icon. This is entirely false. Examples: Madonna, Cher, Joan Rivers, Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Babs! Have we all forgotten about Ross’ concert benefiting AIDS that she did in the rain!? How are you not inspired by that!

A particular Twitter user took the words out of my mouth:



For real! There are plenty of Heterosexual, Cisgender females who have been devoted to our community and have shaped our personalities. If it wasn’t for Kathy Griffin's reality show and proclaiming there was nothing wrong with being gay, I likely would’ve went crazy in my youth. Her reality show was an outlet for me before I hit high school.

As Twitter users have mentioned, Miley Cyrus is beyond more deserving of this title. She specifically helps LGBTQ homeless youth, brings attention to them at award shows, and herself identifies as queer. This is Cyrus talking before hitting the bong, so it’s worth a listen. Are we all forgetting about the iconic Lady GaGa?! Or is GaGa now considered old, GASP!

I believe it’s extremely unfair for Billboard to give her this title. Who would you swap in her place?! Let me know!

What do you think?