Billy Eichner Looks Back On 2021, Complete With A Shirtless Selfie

2022 is poised to be the year of Billy Eichner. His work on the forthcoming Paul Lynde documentary continues, and he will be writing in and starring in Bros, the first LGBT film ever produced a major studio (also making Eichner the first gay man to write and star in their own studio film) Eichner kicked off 2022 with a retrospective of some of his favorite moments of 2021, starting with a shot showing off his lean torso, hairy chest and six-pack. Eichner cheekily commented “Is this the type of disgusting, pornographic content you’ve wanted from me this year? You people make me sick,” Eichner joked, going on to say. “Here’s the look back at my 2021 that you so desperately crave. Happy New Year.”


Eichner should be proud to show off the physique that he has worked hard to achieve. Between stints on Impeachment (as Matt Drudge) and on American Horror Story, Eichner has worked consistently to reinvent his physique. One thing is clear though; Eichner is not working to fit into The Hollywood standard of beauty,  “I’m not looking to be The Rock,” says Eichner. “No one told me to do this. Yes, I got the personal trainer role. But I don’t think the producers cared if I was in the kind of shape I’m in. I’m a comedian. I could be 400 pounds and I’d probably be more popular! If I’m being honest, I’m really doing it for me.”

While posting shirtless shots showing off his well-toned abs might be one way Eichner kicked off 2022, he recently continued the advocacy that so many of his followers on social media have come to expect. Being The Ricardos writer and director Aaron Sorkin decided to delve into the debate on the casting of Javier Bardem (who is Spanish) to play Desi Arnaz (who was famously Cuban) after numerous fans reacted to this casting, stating that the role should have gone to a Cuban actor. Sorkin said to Sunday Times Culture “Nouns aren’t actable. Gay and straight aren’t actable. You can act being attracted to someone, but can’t act gay or straight. “So this notion that only gay actors should play gay characters? That only a Cuban actor should play Desi? Honestly, I think it’s the mother of all empty gestures and a bad idea.”


Eichner immediately responded on Twitter, saying that Sorkin was “completely ignorant of how Hollywood has treated its openly LGBTQ+ actors for a century” Adding “Talking about shit he doesn’t fully comprehend. Scared that Hollywood isn’t (entirely) ruled by straight men anymore. “Go write yourself a ‘walk and talk’ back into the past. Merry Christmas!”

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5 thoughts on “Billy Eichner Looks Back On 2021, Complete With A Shirtless Selfie”

  1. How does anyone find him funny? He’s pushy, rude, loud, and abrasive. He seems like he looks down on everyone. I am not sure who finds him funny or entertaining.

  2. I’ve personally haven’t been attracted to Billy but think he’s hilarious. Having said that though his new pic is turning me on 🙂 Looking forward to his new gay movie.

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  4. Do not understand the appeal of him. Every time I see him out he just exudes snobbery and acts like he is better than everyone else and most certainly doesn’t have the time of day for “fans”. Really pushing the bitchy gay stereotype.


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