Billy Eichner’s Getting A Netflix Standup Special

Comedian Billy Eichner is heading to Netflix.

Gay comedian Billy Eichner is both a rising star and a bit of a comedy secret. While he’s hilariously appeared in multiple shows like Parks and Recreation, his own show Difficult People, or his Emmy-nominated Billy on The Streets, there are still some who don’t recognize him.

Things might be changing now though as Billy Eichner has just announced a great deal.

Well, it was actually the Hollywood Reporter that announced the deal. They revealed that Eichner will be starring in a Netflix original comedy special.

As described by the Hollywood Reporter, Eichner’s special will be, “a unique blend of comedy and music that will cover politics, pop culture and may also include some brand-new editions of his signature, Emmy-nominated Billy on the Street segments.”

This is just as good a time as any for Billy Eichner to have this gig come out. His Hulu original series Difficult People was canceled after its third season. In addition, Billy on the Street is currently on hiatus after he decided to part with truTV.

That said, no information was given about the title or release date of the comedy special, so it might still be some ways off.

Still, congrats to Billy Eichner. We look forward to seeing the finished project.




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