Brad Goreski Hilariously Recreates Iconic ‘Real Housewives’ Moments: Watch

Credit: Brad Goreski Instagram

Brad Goreski is quite the catch. He’s easy on the eye (I mean, look at the photo above), extremely talented in the business of fashion and knows how to perform for the camera in both the scripted and reality worlds we are heavily tuned into (Fashion Police, The Comeback, etc).

His comedic chops have been on display as of late thanks to all the Real Housewives parody videos he’s been posting on social media over the past couple of months while we’ve been in quarantine.


Brad is far from the first to poke fun at the overly dramatic and hilarious moments we’ve witnessed on the Bravo franchises for the past fifteen years. Comedian Heather McDonald gained some notoriety for her recreations which she primarily did with a variety of Barbie dolls she had lying around her house. 

The 43-year-old’s interpretations, however, only feature him in each video he posts. His lip syncing skills are off the charts but his ability to dress the part of each housewife to perfection (especially the WIGS!) is the added touch that makes these clips that much more amazing.


“I get them on Amazon,” he told PEOPLE last month about how he acquires so many different head pieces. “There’s literally a wig delivery every day. So it’s gotten to the point now where I finally called my assistant. I was like, ‘Daniela, it’s time. I have a very weird project for you. I need you to help me organize my wigs.’ So I have almost 50 now.”

He also discussed his ensemble choices for each video and the thought that goes along with it. “I try to match it as closely as possible because it’s a super fun project for me and I feel like it’s a way right now when I’m not styling of exercising that muscle,” he revealed. “And it’s also really fun when I can find a version of it that’s close enough, but just a little bit off as well because I think that that also adds to the humor of it, of like, ‘Oh yeah, I recognize that’ but it’s totally not the [exact] thing.”

Many legendary Real Housewives, including Kim Richards, Lisa Rinna and Teresa Giudice, have applauded him for his efforts as they are able to see the humor in what he’s doing. 

Take a look at five more of his most hilarious Housewives impressions below!


“GO TO SLEEP!” (Real Housewives of New York City)

“GOODBYE KYLE!” (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)


“PROSTITUTION WHORE!” (Real Housewives of New Jersey)


“You Say You Support Women” (Real Housewives of New York City)


“I Made It Nice!” (Real Housewives of New York City)

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