Brilliant Illustrator Justin T. Russo Drops Amazing T-Shirt Line

Brilliant illustrator and artist Justin T. Russo, who many know from his time on LOGO's Fire Island, has come out with a t-shirt line on Etsy that pays homage to several iconic moments from pop culture history.

Justin, who resides in New York City, is proof that you can go beyond simply appearing on a reality television show and milking your fame because of your presence on said program. His talent stretches beyond the lens of the camera, as each design that he is able to create showcases just how incredible he really is and is a true reminder that the world of creativity is still alive and well within the LGBTQ community.

Many of the t-shirts that Justin has created evoke a memory that we have from some of our favorite pop culture moments. This includes when Monica (Courteney Cox) puts a turkey on her head on the sitcom Friends and Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost with her legendary line reintroduced as "We are ALL in Danger" and so much more. 

Justin had this to say about his latest thrilling venture. "I love making t-shirts for my own fun or for friends that utilize my drawings. In essence, they are pieces of art as well and act as showcases for my illustrations. My cohorts have been urging me to set up a venture to sell my wares since my work veers on the playful and wearable side. I am hoping to build up a more proper business and drum up more interest in my perspective of the world."

The T-shirt line is available on Etsy and the link can be found here. There are definitely some great options that will get people talking this summer and beyond. For more information on Justin, you can click on his website here and his Instagram here.

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  1. Before any readers copy these

    Before any readers copy these ideas, remember for instance that the image of Megan Mullally playing a character that's owned by the creators of Will & Grace COULD cause you legal problems if used without authorization


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