British Police Stopped a Neo-Nazi From “Slaughtering” LGBTQ People

20-year-old Ethan Stables is being coined as a British neo-Nazi. Stables apparently planned to “slaughter” LGBTQ people at a pub in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England. Luckily, police arrested Stables outside the pub.

How did they learn of his plans? He posted them on Facebook.

Prosecutor Jonathon Sandiford says Stables spent seven months preparing for the attack by researching weapons and learning how to make firearms and explosives.

“On 23 June, the defendant became aware that the New Empire public house was going to host an LGBT event, a pride night, and he was enraged by that,” Sandiford told the court. “He began to take photographs, reconnaissance of that public house with a view to launching an attack later that evening.”

It seems Stables was too proud of his work and plans because he later wanted to share them with someone, so he went online.


Stables apparently went to a Nazi-themed Facebook group and shared the news that he was going to attack this pub. One woman from Staffordshire then told the police about the messages, which then led to his arrest.

Now, Stables and his defense team are trying to reign in on his association with Nazis. As such, they’re claiming he’s not a white supremacist but a white fantasist.

On top of that, Stables’s lawyer says that his client has Asperger’s Syndrome, has a gay uncle and a black best friend, and didn’t actually intend to attack the pub.

"He never expected anyone to believe what he had to say,” said the defense.

While he waits for trial in two weeks, Stables shared on Facebook that he’s a nationalist that’s being treated like a terrorist.

h/t: BBC News

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  1. WTF is that guy out on bail?!

    WTF is that guy out on bail?! Monitoring is far from foolproof. He should be locked up in jail until his trial is over then sent to prison or freed (if, though unlikely, he's acquitted).


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