Britney’s Boyfriend Sam Asghari Leaves Little to the Imagination in Miami

Credit: Britney Spears’ Instagram

I think we are fully aware by now of how unbelievably hot Britney Spears‘ boyfriend Sam Asghari is. 

He also appears to be a really good guy for her. A source for Entertainment Tonight said that the 24-year-old is her “protector” amid the legal problems going on in her life at the moment.

Drama appeared to be the furthest from their minds during a recent trip to Miami. The “Hold It Against Me” singer enjoyed a relaxing day on board a boat with her hunky beau where they chilled, took in some sun and cuddled up.

Britney’s body looked absolutely stunning in a yellow top and teeny black bottoms that showed off her bomb booty. 

We have to mention Sam too, who only wore a pair of red shorts that left little to the imagination.

It’s clear that there’s a wallet in the right side of his brightly colored shorts. The left side, however, is a bit more questionable. Could this just be a simply case of bunching, or is Britney getting “Lucky” in the Sam department in more ways than one?

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Let’s take a closer look at the shorts situation that has made her fans (and this writer) go “Huh?!?!”

Meh, he’s hot regardless. So, congrats to Sam on making our girl happy and congrats to Britney on waking up next to this fine specimen.  

7 thoughts on “Britney’s Boyfriend Sam Asghari Leaves Little to the Imagination in Miami”

  1. I couldn’t are less about her, but his shorts are just fine. Why would these be seen as leaving it to the imagination? Nothing is more ridiculous than long baggy shorts that do anything but telegraph sexiness. If they show more of the goodies, all the better. They do show sexy legs.

  2. IDK, methinks, it’s just a sexual accommodation–but who can blame her? He’s hot, and like most ‘hot’ studs–he seems self-absorbed. Enjoy!

  3. I think Britney is very seriously disturbed and this guy’s full time job may end up being watching over her to make sure she does not self-destruct.


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