Calm App Story Lets You Sleep to the Sound of Jonathan Bailey’s Voice

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If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be lulled to sleep by the dulcet tones of Jonathan Bailey—wonder no more.

Multi-talented Jonathan Bailey – ‘Bridgerton’ star, and this season’s most eligible bachelor, has just added a new talent to his already brimming repertoire: bedtime story reading.


Our favorite ‘Bridgerton’ now has a story on the Calm app, entitled ‘Love Letter from an Englishman.’

“Hello there, this is Jonny Bailey, reporting for sleep story duty,” Bailey says in the story.


In his buttery smooth, soothing voice, he helps listeners prepare for their best slumber ever. He says:

“Stay comfy, snuggle down under the covers, and take a deep breath or two. Feel yourself sink into the coziness of your bed and let your eyelids close,”

and we happily oblige!


He reads:

“Tonight I’ll be reading you a letter written by the captain of the HMS Dreamscape, who set sail across tropical waters in the 1800s, all in search of a rare and beautiful flower for his beloved.”

In a statement, Bailey shared that he’s listened to various sleep stories over the years and “it’s an honor” to release his own. He added: “I hope people cozily doze off as they set sail with me on the tropical seas.


On top of his dreamy storytelling skills, Jonathan has an amazing singing voice! Here’s a clip of him singing for his audition for the 2016 production of Last Five Years. The video ended up amassing more than a million views. He did, in fact, get the part, too!

And, because we love you, he’s a bonus clip we’ve unearthed from the treasure trove that is YouTube: a video of the three ‘Bridgerton’ men (Colin, Benedict and Anthony) singing Can’t Help Falling in Love. You’re welcome!

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