Camera Man on Megyn Kelly Show Cursed On Live TV (Making A Week Full of Mistakes)

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The Megyn Kelly show messed up again.

It hasn’t been a good opening week for Megyn Kelly’s new talk show. In just one week she has been able to insult multiple guests on her show and many people on the internet.

First, she insulted the Will & Grace cast when they visited, and Debra Messing herself had to comment on how distasteful the moment was (only to be allegedly reprimanded by NBC later on).

Then, she invited Jane Fonda on to talk about her new Netflix project, but then insulted Fonda by talking about her plastic surgery instead of her movie (something Fonda also said was distasteful).

But, all things work in threes as they say, and now Megyn Kelly has another mess up to deal with, but this time it wasn’t her fault.

This time, it was a camera man who made a mistake by accidently walking into the show during a live shooting. Then, to make matters worse he went and cursed when he made this mistake.

You can clearly hear the camera man say “shit” once he saw he was on camera.

It’s been a tough week for Megyn Kelly with several people already saying she should be taken off the air (just look at the comments of our articles about her).

But at the least, it seems like Megyn Kelly acknowledges all these mistakes as she noted them in the closer of her video yesterday. (Though, we have to point out her weak joke delivery still need work).

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  1. Plus when she was

    Plus when she was interviewing Redford and Fonda about their movies they made together , she said I bet you loved " The way we were ". , problem bring Fonda was not in that one ,  crazy


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