Canadian Dad Starts Clothes Line For Queer Child

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A dad-daughter duo is creating clothing for trans children and teens to feel more comfortable at the beach.

According to CNN, when 11-year-old Ruby Alexander found it hard to find swimwear that felt comfortable and fit her right, Ruby’s father decided to make her dreams a reality. Together, the two have created the clothing brand RUBIES. The swimwear brand sells swimsuit bottoms that include compression spandex and mesh to provide a compact fit. The swimsuit is working so well that the brand has shipped over 500 pairs to transgender girls across the globe.


“The response has been amazing,” Ruby told CNN. “I am so happy to see all the kids that can get back into enjoying the activities they love, like swimming, dance and gymnastics.”

Image via RUBIES

46-year-old Jamie Alexander says he created the brand in order to support his daughter and girls like her. He worried that trans girls were missing out on fun aspects of life like going to the beach, dancing, or doing gymnastics because of unwanted stares of transphobic bullying.

“This isn’t just theory. These kids are not comfortable and stop going places and doing things. It’s not fair. It’s important for all kids to keep active and healthy,” Jamie Alexander told The Times of Israel.


We’ve heard from so many parents who appreciate that someone cares and is doing something for these kids,” he added.

Now, Jamie and his, now 13-year-old, daughter are working together on the brand. Ruby keeps herself busy through the pandemic by writing postcards to customers who buy the bikinis. She says she also gets feedback on the product’s designs, fabric, and colors.


“I like working with my Dad. I’m learning real-world skills like expenses, costs and customer service. And I model the products,” Ruby said.

While Ruby is enjoying her life and business with her dad, she looks forward to a future where trans kids feel comfortable in their bodies and in the surrounding world.

“My future hope is for trans kids to not be judged,” Ruby said. “I want all girls, and all trans kids, to just feel comfortable about their body.”

Source: CNN, Times of Israel,

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