Candidate Proclaims “Gay Is A Choice.” Let’s Watch His Stupidity Unfold.

Oh, this one will have you yelling at your screen. Oh look, he’s wearing orange

Asked if he could wake up and want to sleep with a man, Cromartie said, “No. never.”

And asked if he chose women over men, Cromartie said: “I think every man does.”

There’s just some of the backwards thinking St. Petersburg city council candidate Chico Cromartie drooled out of his pie hole as he tried to show what his vision of his ‘Merika looks like.



The belief in his warped head that being gay is a choice is a key component of his campaign.  Wait? No? What? Cromartie is a strong Trump supporter?  Who would have thunk it!  This trumpite is becoming known as the “to hell with gay pride” candidate as he has made these remarks and more so many times.  It’s always good to go back and bring up falsehoods from the past.  Another part of his platform is to ban pop rocks from being sold because they killed Mikey from the Life cereal commercials (not true, but wouldn’t put it past him).  

Of course, what do people do that have no factual foundation, they avoid the truth, science, and other people’s opinions.  You can watch candidate Cromartie flounder in the video clip from “Drew Garabo Live” on 102.5 The Bone.  We don’t know how the employees held it together as long as they did.

Yes, the video was edited, but we do get the scope of his feeble argument.

So he thinks men can stop being gay if they just stop choosing to have sex with men.  He as well states the Black community in St. Petersburg is suffering because of the local LGBTQ community.  Funds that should be going to other minorities are going to the LGBTQ community.  Funds that bring in millions of dollars a year from St Pete’s Pride events, one of the best pride celebrations in the nation.

Three of the current eight St. Petersburg city council members are gay.  How well would Cromartie fit in with his nonsense?

This is the kind of seed the hateful waters of the trump administration have given life to.They think it is okay and it is right to hate on others, to roll back the intelligence clock of society, to bring forth hatred because in a christian nation, hate is okay, alive and well, and practiced more than love and acceptance. 


Yes, the clip was edited, but boy, did we let out a nice loud exhale as the caller’s comments were shared.  There is intelligent life in this world.


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