Car Wash Owner Arrested For Using App To Buy Sex With A Minor

42-year-old Daniel Durr is the CEO and president of Don’s Car Wash in Fargo, North Dakota, and he was recently arrested for trying to pay for sex with a minor.

Durr now has to pay a $450 fine and spend one day in jail after he tried to buy sex with a minor online.

As WDAY6, the local news station for Fargo, reports:

“The charges stemmed from an undercover sex sting called “Operation Guardian Angel,” which targeted men accused of going to local hotels looking to hire minors for sex. Area law enforcement officials placed ads on websites and mobile apps through which contact with men was made. The apps included Grindr and Whisper, and the websites included and”

The way that the bust would work would be to have an undercover officer pretend to be a minor and have their targets show up to a hotel room. From there, they would be arrested.

Durr’s attorney, Cash Aaland, says that the car wash owner didn’t realize he was talking to a minor. Once he did, Durr tried to drive away but was stopped by the police.

That argument only slightly worked as Durr was not found guilty of the felony charge of trying to buy sex from a minor, but he was found guilty of the Class B misdemeanor charge.

As you would expect, Durr has been found guilty of public scrutiny and boycotting of his business. As such, Durr is letting everyone know that he’s seeing a counselor and “is working hard to make sure this never happens again.”

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