Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda Are Back On Our Screen And In Our Lives

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Warning: This post contains MAJOR spoilers from the first two episodes of “And Just Like That.”

The wait is finally over! The first two episodes of And Just Like That dropped on HBO Max Thursday, December 9th. New episodes will be released each Thursday until the finale airs in early February. After years of trying to get a third movie off the ground, most of the cast (sans Kim Cattrall) reunited for “another chapter” in the lives of Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt. 

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The original Sex and the City premiered in June of 1998 and quickly became a sensation with both critics and viewers. Running for six seasons, both Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon won Emmys for their roles. The show was so popular it spawned two movies: one a blockbuster crowd-pleaser, the second not so much. Which begged the question everyone was, and is still, asking: Has the show run its course, and do we need another reboot?

The jury is still out on the answer to that question. Executive producer Michael Patrick King never labeled the new show a reboot, instead calling it “another chapter in their lives.” On its own, And Just Like That is not a bad show, but as another chapter in the lives of the women we have watched endlessly, over and over through the years, it just doesn’t measure up. {FYI, background information on myself, HUGE ‘Sex and the City’ fan, have seen each episode, some multiple times. “I’m sorry, I can’t, Don’t hate me” is one of my favorite things to say to people! lol.}

Basically And Just Like That is just trying too hard. Many of the scenes involving Charlotte and Miranda were cringeworthy which we will get into shortly. Hearing Carrie tell the mortician as she’s leaving not booking their services, “It’s not you, It’s me,” failed at trying to give a nod to the original. The line was ill-placed and seemed clunky. 

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Yes, there were some highlights of the show, it was not all bad. New characters are added to give a more realistic view of New York City today. Seeing Charlotte and Miranda’s families and kids grown up makes you smile.

We also get the bittersweet pleasure of seeing the beloved Willie Garson reprising his role as the fashionable, sassy Stanford Blach in the first few episodes. Garson lost his battle to cancer in September. Garson was 57. 

Let’s hash out who came out on top in the first episodes and who did not. 


Miranda Hobbes – What have they done to our sarcastic, jaded sounding board? This Miranda was all over the place, and not in a good way. Most of the scenes involving Cynthia Nixon were hard to watch. As Miranda returned to school for her Masters, she fell apart within two minutes of walking into her first class. After a student told her the seat she was sitting in was where the professor sat, Miranda switched seats and then put her foot in her mouth over and over and over. Misgendering someone, mentioning the professor’s braids, it was a fucking mess. And it got worse from there. In trying so hard not to be a ‘Karen,’ Miranda is a Karen. Most likely, this is the beginning of a character arc for her as rumors swirl that, like Nixon the actress, Miranda will come out as a lesbian. The show also seems to be laying the groundwork for her to embark on a relationship with Sara Ramirez’s character. It all just seemed out of character for a Harvard-educated NYC lawyer to stumble so badly over and over in dealing with people of different ethnicities and genders. 

Charlotte York Goldenblatt – Another one of the original foursome who in these two episodes was hard to like. She came across as a social-climbing, Oscar de la Renta-buying, out of touch Upper Eastside rich Park Avenue white lady. Pressuring her one daughter to wear a dress, when it was clear that she does not like or never did like wearing dresses, and pressuring friends to attend a piano recital. Her emotions were bananas as she spent much of the episodes crying with Carrie literally slamming the cab door in her face telling her she “would prefer to be alone.” Again, thinking there is a journey for her character on the horizon as well.

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Mr. Big (John Preston) – If you do not know by now, Mr. Big has a heart attack at the end of the first episode and dies in Carrie’s arms on the floor of their bathroom. 

Bobby Fine – Also killed off off-camera was Mr. Broadway, Bobby Fine, played by Nathan Lane. His death, during COVID, was relayed to us from his widowed wife, Bitsy Von Muffling.

Peloton – Judging by how many times the word Peloton was uttered you would think they were advertisers of the series. But given the fact that Mr. Big, who just finished his 1,000th ride, before grabbing his chest and collapsing to the floor Peloton is NOT HAPPY! 

Carrie Bradshaw – Her husband dies in her arms. Yeah, she is on this list. 

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Carrie Bradshaw – Yes she was on the loser list, but we can be winning and losing at the same time, so we are also putting her on the list. Carrie once again reinvented herself mastering (we use that word loosely) Instagram and podcasts as she tries to take her career into the new digital age. Her closet is bigger than the living room in my apartment so, there’s that too. 

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Samantha Jones – While never seen, Samantha was very much a part of the show. Her absence was explained in the first two minutes and was her presence was felt continuously. Samantha now lives in London after she and Carrie had an issue with Samantha’s PR services. Or more so that Carrie was not in need of her services, I am still a little confused about the fallout. Jones has ghosted all three friends not returning their texts or calls. She does send a massive beautiful arrangement of flowers to be placed over Big’s coffin. 

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Anthony Marentino – Our favorite gay wedding planner looked great and has settled into married life, fighting incessantly with his husband, Stanford, leaving him at home after Stanny took over an hour to pick out a suit for Lily’s piano recital. I’m not married but from what everyone says that’s marriage for ya! 

Harry Goldenblatt – Harry is still hopelessly in love with Charlotte and likes skateboarding through the hallway of their classic 6 on Park Avenue. He gently suggests to Charlotte that Rose should be able to wear whatever she wants. 

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Che Diaz – Nonbinary actor and Tony Award winner Sara Ramirez plays Che Diaz, the show’s first nonbinary character, who works as a stand-up comedian and hosts a podcast on which Carrie Bradshaw is regularly featured. Ramirez steals virtually every scene she is in, whether she is telling Carrie to “step her pussy up” on the podcast or giving Miranda a pass for being a complete ‘see you next Tuesday’ at Big’s memorial service. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star is a welcome and much needed addition to the cast.

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Brady Hobbes – Dude is a teenager who gets stoned with Che at Big’s memorial service and has loud sex with his girlfriend as his parents turn up the television so as not to hear the walls bang! I am in my 40s and would NEVER have sex in the same house with my parents! {Trying to think back if I ever have and I can’t recall anything lol}

So there we have it. Will I keep watching it? Maybe, I might binge a few over the Christmas holidays, see what’s happening. Will I watch it every Thursday excited to see where Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are heading? Probably not. 

What about you Instincters? What did you think of the premiere episodes? Sound off in the comments below. As always we love a passionate discussion, but hate speech towards other commenters or the writer will not be tolerated. Keep it nice! 

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  1. Not to mention- all that day drinking that Miranda is doing is such a lame, overdone, and blatantly obvious attempt to show us that she will reveal herself as an alcoholic.
    I am surprised you couldn’t hear my eye roll world wide.

  2. and just like that… they are doing the best to re-invent these characters. Miranda was annoying and pair that with the bad wig her role was clear in episode two. She will end up a lesbian and leave the hus but I think not for Che but her teacher….. Charlotte has already climbed that social ladder and her knew friend and she will get into mischief..Carrie is Carrie. This season will not explain Willie death, he only filmed three episodes. It is going to be interesting but I am here for it, them.


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