Cazwell’s “Duo Lingo” Provides A Smoldering Tribute To Papichulos

Cazwell’s “Duo Lingo” is now the third single by the rapper that gives us some Latino flair (“Rice & Beans” and “¡Spicy!” arrived first) and probably the steamiest yet. From what Cazwell says, the track is about going out to have a good time, partying with friends and getting laid. “The idea for the song came from when I was using the Duo Lingo app on my iPhone, trying to learn Spanish, and failing miserably, I might add,” Cazwell explains. “At the time, Tom Bike and I had been talking about doing a song together. I thought it would be cool if I did my part in English and he did his in Spanish. ‘Duo Lingo’ sounded like a good working title to start with.”


Produced by both Cazwell & DJ Mad Science, Cazwell went on to say  “I love adding percolating Latin rhythms to my hip pop records because they’re sexy and always get people on the dance floor.” “I wish I could speak Spanish,” Cazwell reflects. “I date a lot of Latin men and it would come in handy. It can be a hindrance being white as hell as I am.”

Filmed last month at the legendary WeHo haunt FuBar, the music video is directed by Brad Hammer. It showcases a slew of recognizable faces and bodies including adult film notables like Cesar Xes, Beaux Banks, Fernando Figuero and Rudy Yos. “Most of the boys in the video are dancers in West Hollywood where I DJ,” Cazwell continues. “I wanted to make sure the bar looked like a hole-in-the-wall dive bar, as grimy and as ratchet possible.”

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