Child Actor, Blake McIver, Is Facing Backlash From HIV “Joke”

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The Actor Turned Go-Go Dancer Apparently Fancies Himself A Comedian

Okay, so I totally understand that some people love to go on Twitter just to bitch and moan. But, one reason why I personally am not on Twitter is because it’s arguably the number one social media site/application where people get dragged. I’m not just talking about someone gets scolded or a virtual slap in the face, like, people are actually losing their jobs and being shamed into obscurity. There is such a thing called “cancellation culture” and it is alive and well. Yet, some people just continue to express their thoughts through their thumbs and completely cover themselves in mud.

“Cancelled” is now on the resume of former child actor turned go-go dancer, Blake McIver. You may remember McIver from the ‘90s. He was appeared in The Little Rascalls and Full House – speaking of, do you recall I recently told you how McIver’s Full House character was obviously a young gay boy?! Anyway, McIver took to Twitter today to make a joke (?) about Ryan Murphy’s Emmy Nominated television series, Pose. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Pose follows an ensemble cast of mainly transgender characters who are living in ‘80s and ‘90s New York and are involved in the ballroom AKA Vogue scene. A handful of the characters are living with HIV. It’s an incredible series which needs much more praise than it gets. In a now deleted Tweet, McIver said and I quote:

“So Pose is just Glee with a viral load now?”

What an idiot.

I debated on writing this article. I live in West Hollywood, McIver does too. We have a ton of mutual friends, but it’s time to call a spade a spade. That was such a stupid thing to say. I’ve had my fair issues with almost all of Ryan Murphy-led series, but Pose is actually a gem because you can clearly tell Murphy is listening to others in the writing room compared to letting his ideas run wild and become the mess that is now American Horror Story. Well, McIver is pretty much living his own American Horror Story, as he’s been chased off Twitter and Instagram. Deleted. Done. Will he ever come back!? You’re nothing without your social media nowadays! Where will he post his shirtless, speedo pictures when he’s out at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood?!

Rightfully so, he’s been getting dragged on Twitter. People are pretty pissed. Not only did he take a stab at a successful, honest, important television show with a mostly transgender cast, but he decided to insult anyone living with HIV. Mark S. King, who describes himself as a “husband, activist, and award-winning writer about all things HIV adjacent” blasted back at McIver. Check out his comment below:

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I think it’s safe to say McIver will be in hiding for the rest of the summer, but I’ll totally keep you updated if I spot him out and about being a less than respectable in West Hollywood.

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  1. 😂. What a comedian he is. Actually he’s not really dissing abandoned/ orphan kids with HIV/STD. It’s really tacky as hell for you too assume he is. Get all your 🏳️‍🌈 losers friends to threaten /bully him.


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