Chile Welcomes First Same Sex Marriage!

Javier Silva and his partner Jaime Nazar became the first same-sex couple to marry in Chile. (COURTESY OF JAVIER SILVA / BBC)

7 years together, 3 years in a civil union and 2 children later, Chile natives Javier Silva and Jaime Nazar can officially say they are married! The legal proceeding took place on Thursday, March 10, and is recognized as the first gay marriage in Chile. The landmark event was even announced and celebrated by the country’s President, Gabriel Boric. 

According to US News, Javier Silva told reporters, “Being the first couple to get married in Chile for us is an honor, something to be proud of. We did it! It’s something we didn’t think could happen. Now our children have the same rights as other families and they will be able to have, we hope, a better future, that they will not be discriminated against for having two parents who love each other.”


Discussion of same sex marriage in Chile began back in 2017 before being passed in December 2021. Civil unions were already recognized by the South American country as far back as 2015. 

According to LBGTQ News, the legislation passed in December also changes other laws aimed at queer and transgender people. Several restrictions lobbied on parentage, adoption rights, assisted reproduction and divorce among transgender people were also lifted last year. This is a huge step for gay rights around the world.


Congratulations, Javier Silva and Jaime Nazar! You made history with your love! Now, where is our invitation to the reception? 

Sources: US News, LBGTQ News, NBC News

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