Colby Jansen Is Furry, Muscular and One Insanely Hot Dude

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Colby Jansen… let us catch you up.  He is furry where it counts, muscular all over, and has a body that many of us not only dream of having… but being with. click link in bio

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He has been one of the most popular gay porn stars for the better part of the 2010's, and rightfully so.  With fur becoming part of the norm in the gay community, Colby personifies a lot of that in comparison to some of the other dudes at the "top" of their game including Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber, just to name a few. 



Getting bigger and badder…

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What's great is that he doesn't label himself as a "straight guy who does gay porn", he doesn't even want a label at all after he was asked about being bisexual or pansexual due to his relationship with trans-performer Gia Darling.  

According to him, "Mainly, it is sex that I like and I just go with it. "  Nothing wrong with that.  Colby has now branched off into doing work for his own site, and being fantastically versatile throughout it all.



Sleepy head

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If there is one guy to still keep an eye on in 2018, it has to be Colby.  At least for this writer, per se.



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